XSport Fitness Membership Fee

With so many fitness gyms operating all over the United States, what makes one stand out? Equipment? Amenities? Price? Fitness programs?

Those were the areas where XSport Fitness is thriving. It boasts of having it all under one roof.

They have a complete and top of the line gym equipment and amenities that could give their competitors a run for their money, and they also offer group fitness training, all of which comes with the membership fee, which means, at no additional cost.

XSport Fitness Gym can also be unique because of the part of the business model wherein members can avail the pay as you go membership which encourages interested fitness enthusiasts to test the water first without making any commitment to ensure that XSport Fitness gym is the right one for them prior to deciding to pay a full membership.

And when after all of these, you are not satisfied at all, they offer a 30-day money-back guaranty for all the members as a proof that they are serious about providing the best and the most effective fitness facilities where you can enjoy while working out.

If you want to consider signing in, then let us find out how much is the XSport fitness prices below.

Fitness Membership Fee

Average Cost of XSport Fitness Membership

According to their website, their membership fee starts at $9.95 a month at most locations but are subject to some restrictions. Some of these exclusions are the group exercise and some amenities. But if you want to enjoy everything they offer, a full-fledged membership is what you need.

The average XSport membership cost is around $49 for a single membership for a month up to $839.99 for the dual membership for a year.

Below is the detailed membership fee listing by XSport Fitness gym according to GymMembershipFees.com:

Single – Monthly

Initiation Fee                                                                                              $174.99

Monthly Fee                                                                                               $49.95

Cancellation Fee                                                                                         $0.00

Dual (Two Adults) – Monthly

Initiation Fee                                                                                               $349.99

Monthly Fee                                                                                                $69.99

Cancellation Fee                                                                                          $0.00

Single – Annually

Initiation Fee                                                                                                $174.99

Annual Fee                                                                                                   $599.99

Cancellation Fee                                                                                          $0.00

Dual (Two Adults) – Annually

Initiation Fee                                                                                               $349.99

Annual Fee                                                                                                  $839.99

Cancellation Fee                                                                                          $0.00

What are Included

The XSport membership cost would unlock a lot of perks upon signing up. This typically includes the following:

  • First time members will be given free consultation wherein you can ask anything about the fitness regimen to maintain, in as much as the trainer or consultant would be interested to know your health conditions to be able to recommend exercises that are fit to your capability and physical capacity.
  • Members are always welcome to avail the free personal training sessions once signed in.
  • Along with the XSport fitness prices comes the unlimited privilege to use any equipment you can set your eye on within the gym premises. And they ensure they have the right equipment suitable to everyone’s fitness level.
  • Unlike any other fitness gym where you need to bring or pay for everything you might need while working out, in XSport, they give out free towels and complimentary lockers.
  • If you have long been using the alibi, “no one to take care of my children while I am at the gym”, you can kiss your excuses goodbye as they have children’s play area with CCTV so you can bring along your kids and you can watch them play while you sweat your heart out in treadmills.
  • If feeling awkward exercising alone is another concern, worry no more. This is because they also offer group fitness training such as Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing, Cycling, Bootcamps, Aqua Classes, sculpting, and group strength.

What makes it more exciting and equally engaging is the fact that the gym is fully equipped with advanced equipment, audio and stereo systems, mirrors from floor to ceiling so you can watch yourself while working out, rubber or spring flooring for protection from slips to avoid accidents, and adequate ceiling fans and lighting.

All of these are absolutely free and available once you become a member.

XSport Fitness Gym Equipment and Facilities

Most fitness gyms, no matter how they claim to be a complete “one-stop” fitness facility where you can find everything you need when it comes to working out and keeping fit or even losing weight, they still don’t have it all and pale in comparison with XSport Fitness gym in terms of completeness.

Having said that, depending on each location, these are what you would typically see inside the XSport Fitness Gym:

  • Top of the line machines and equipment
    • Treadmills
    • Stair climbers
    • Upright bikes
    • Recumbent bikes
    • Elliptical cross trainers
  • Cardio theater – you can sweat it all out while exercising and never miss your favorite soap or any shows on TV and you can even watch movies.
  • Swimming pools – these are specially designed pools for aquatic workouts and hydrotherapy whirlpools that work like typical spa bath as part of the relaxation after a heavy and grueling exercise.
  • Basketball court
  • Climbing wall for extreme sports lovers
  • Full-service UV-free tanning facility
  • Spa which is also open to non-members
  • Children’s play center
  • Café serving healthy foods that suit your workout.

Additional Costs

Other costs you need to pay apart from the XSport Fitness Gym membership fees are the initiation fee which typically costs around $174.99 for single-monthly membership, up to $349.99 for a dual membership for a year.

Shopping for XSport Fitness Membership

XSport Fitness gyms can be found around Chicago, New York, and District of Columbia and the company was founded in 2002.

Becoming a member of the Xsport Fitness Gym is as easy as 1-2-3. Just fill out the form found on this link and submit. Wait for a representative to contact you to discuss the terms and everything you need to know. Or you may call them at 773-237-5730 and fax at 773-237-5592 for more details.

Factors Affecting XSport Membership Cost

Location – although they operate under one umbrella organization, the cost may still vary per location as the cost of living and cost of doing business play a huge part.

Timing – as mentioned, negotiating is the key but the most important factor is the timing of the negotiation. It is said that it is very likely that they would give good discounts or even waive certain fees like initiation and enrollment fees when you negotiate at least one or two days prior to the end of the month as these agents try to fill their quota for the month.

Single or Dual – not only it is more fun to workout with someone you know when considering signing up for a gym membership but you can also save some money from it as they put a premium on the buddy system.

Insurance – does your company reimburse the cost of a gym membership? Does your insurance company cover the same to avoid paying high claims of sickness? If any of the two does, then consider yourself lucky. So be sure, inquire with your company’s representative, typically the human resources or your insurance provider about the possibility to save on cost.

Monthly or annual – your choice of either monthly or annual membership can save you a few dollars as annual memberships are typically discounted.

Cost Saving Tips

A lot of people are giving up or quitting going to the gym or not even try at all because of high membership cost and other additional expenses that come with it.

But you can always try to avoid paying for the full price of the membership or even the costly additional fees by following some of the tips below:

  • Try signing up during lean months – during these months when the people who are supposedly hitting the gym are in their hibernate modes; agents would try everything to persuade you into signing up. This is when you can demand to drop the initiation fee or give you a sizable discount. If you can stretch your luck even more, you might just end up getting the two at the same time.
  • Join when nearing the end of the month – when gym agents are cramming to get clients to achieve their quota, then you can significantly reduce the XSport Gym prices by negotiating with them as they would likely agree to give you a sizable discount and even waive the initiation fee.
  • Paying in full and in advance – you can ask or negotiate with them to lower the membership fee or ask for a discount for paying in full and in advance.

Ask for subsidy – it may not hurt to ask the Human Resources department of your company or even your insurance provider if there is a part of the policy that covers gym memberships. After all, they would want you healthy all the time so just maybe, they can cover or subsidize the XSport fitness prices.

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