How Much Does Walmart Fishing License Cost?

What a relaxing way to spend a day sitting on the edge of a dock on a lake, holding your fishing rod as you wait for a fish to bite into your bait while sipping on your favorite can of beer as if nothing else matters?

What stands between you and that day? Is it just a fishing license?

But if you think fishing is just a lazy man’s sport, think again. There are other types of fishing that you can lose as many calories as your regular cardio exercise does.

And if getting your fishing license is one of your concerns, worry no more as you can get it while shopping. Nowhere better than at Walmart itself! In this article, we will find out how much is the Walmart fishing license price.

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Average Cost of Walmart Fishing License

It would be impossible to determine the exact cost of the fishing license to be bought from Walmart for the reason that each state or even county at times has different regulations pertaining to fishing. This means the cost to purchase this license from Walmart is the same as when bought from your local fishing agency and authorized vendors.

Below are some of the reported amounts for some states.

The Walmart fishing license prices in Ohio are the following:

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Please note that one-day fishing license fee can be credited when you decided to get the annual license later on but limited to one-time use only if you happened to have bought several one-day licenses.

Expect the following fishing license at Walmart cost in California:

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They also have a lifetime resident fishing license, but the price depends on the age bracket.

The fishing license at Walmart cost around Texas per category is as follows:

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Additional Expenses

When your fishing license happens to be misplaced, destroyed, or stolen, you can always request a duplicate copy which costs $4.

In California, it is required to have a validation and report card for any person fishing special fish species and some special bodies of water which ranges from $5.14 to $22.42.

A hard card style license similar to a credit card can be purchased if you are getting the yearly or five-year license and can hold up to seven different licenses. This costs $5.00.

Permits are required in Florida if you opt to catch controlled species like snook permit, spiny lobster permit, and tarpon tag.

Shopping for Walmart Fishing License

Visit Walmart website to locate some of their branches near you.

For online license application, check out to know the various requirements in order to acquire a fishing license in your state.

Factors Affecting Walmart Fishing License Cost


Your age will determine how much you have to pay for the fishing license, that is, if you need it at all.


Some states offer various fishing licenses that can be combined with other wildlife activities like hunting. These packages usually are offered at a discounted price compared to when you buy them separately.


Residents are naturally charged lower rates as a way of a privilege compared to nonresidents.


You can buy a one-day, two-day, ten-day, annual, 5-year, or lifetime fishing license depending on your preference and the state where you reside.


Special rates are given to differently-abled persons like blinds or legally blinds while mentally disabled are exempted from having a license to fish.

Saltwater/freshwater or both

You have the option to choose whether you prefer just one type of water or you want both types for your fishing license.

Additional Information

  • Some people either are not required to have a license or are given free licenses in some states like residents below 16 years old, mentally disabled who are fishing as part of therapy or when under supervision of a family member who is a licensed angler, if you are fishing in a privately-owned pond, if you own a veterans license plates with international wheelchair symbol, among others.
  • Usually, there are free fishing days in a year in different states. Be sure to check out the websites of different state’s fishing agency for announcements.
  • When purchasing an annual fishing license, be sure to know the validity period as certain states would treat a purchase as if bought in January 1 regardless whether it is bought in the middle of the year. Meaning, your annual license would be expired by December 31 of the same year. While some states have a different month of which the cycle in a year starts and ends.
  • License and permit fees are generally final and nonrefundable.

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  1. I’m over 80yrs old
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    How many States do I need a fishing License?
    Why can’t they come up with a US Fishing License for Seniors

  2. I’m staying at a csbin in LaFollette, TN, for 5 days 12.24.18 thru 12.27.18. How much would a recreational license cost. 30 and 60 yr old, with a permanrnt FL disabled permit


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