How Much Does a Walmart Eye Exam Cost?

An eye exam at Walmart? Well, you read it right. The company’s stores have spaces for vision centers that cater to customers who want their eyes checked. The said centers offer comprehensive exams, as well as those required for prescription glasses and contacts.

Take note that the optometrists serving at the Walmart Vision Center do not work for the store. Rather, they are considered as partner service providers.

That said, you might wonder about the prices, right? Is it more affordable? Let’s find out.

Average Walmart Eye Exam Cost

The Walmart eye exam cost can range between $60 and $75. The price can go higher depending on the location of the Walmart Vision Center that you’re visiting.

The standard or comprehensive exam generally includes:

  • A review of your health history
  • Evaluation of your distance and near vision (done with an eye chart)
  • Tests to determine if there is presence of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia
  • Evaluation of the ability of your eyes to work together as a team
  • An eye pressure test and examination of the optic nerve to rule out glaucoma
  • Examination to rule out other eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration

You should take note that a standard eye exam differs from a contact lens exam. That’s because the latter also includes fitting, which increases the cost. You should expect to pay $125 to $150 for the said test.

eye examination at Walmart

Factors Determining The Rate

Aside from the location, the rate will depend on whether the exam will be performed by an optometrist, ophthalmologist, or optician.

Some patients may also need other procedures that may increase the overall expense. For instance, adding a retinal photo will cost you around $30. Visual field screening may also be necessary and will price about $15.

Sample Costs

Walmart partners with highly-trained doctors to provide quality eye care for their customers. Generally, the services from Walmart will cost less and is more convenient than if you opt for a private practice.

Here are some samples to give you an idea of the price variations:

Optical Vision Guru

  • General eye exam: $60 to $70
  • Contacts eye exam: $120 to $130
  • Contacts and glasses eye exam: $130 to $140

Eye Exam Pros

  • Comprehensive eye health and vision exam: $64
  • Basic contact lens exam: $118
  • Additional cost for those who want to wear eye contacts for astigmatism and bifocal correction

What To Expect?

What can you expect upon entering the Walmart Vision Center? Initially, you will be asked by the staff to accomplish a health history form. After that, you will undergo a pre-exam test. This step is necessary for your doctor to determine if there’s deterioration in any area of your eye and any risk of problems such as glaucoma.

Depending on the provider and the purpose of your visit, the eye exam may also include other series of tests including:

  • Perimetry test
  • Cover test
  • Refraction test
  • Binocular slit-lamp exam
  • Dilation procedure

Your doctor will then review all the results of the exam and provide you with a prescription.

Choosing The Provider

They’re all stationed at the Walmart Vision Center, but providers have different quality of services and charge varying fees. That said, you might want to first ask your friends and other customers on their recommendations so you can choose the best provider. You can also opt to visit a prospect center before scheduling an exam.

After you’ve decided where to undergo the exam, you can schedule an appointment by contacting your selected Walmart Vision Center. You can use this store finder to get information on the contact details of the center you choose.

Convenience At Walmart

Choosing a Walmart Vision Center to take care of your eyes is convenient as it’s a one-stop shop for your eye exam and eyewear purchase. Indeed, you can buy contacts, glasses, and frames from the store itself, all in affordable Walmart prices.

The providers from the Walmart Vision Center also assure you of advanced eye care thanks to high-end equipment that will make exams easier and more accurate.

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