How Much Does an UFC Gym Membership Cost?

If the acronym UFC sounds familiar to you, you may either have heard about the gym or the mixed-martial-arts tournament. And no, it is not a sheer coincidence.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was so successful and has gained a lot of following that it ventured into a business so related to its niche. What a better way to expand your business than to offer training of the sports to those MMA enthusiasts that have seen the success of the company.

But do not be intimated by the name as the UFC Gym does not only cater the MMA and other contact sports champion wannabes. If you are just out there wanting to keep fit and healthy or you just want to look like your throwback photos, do not hesitate to drop by any of the more than 100 UFC Gyms around the United States.

Average Cost of UFC Gym Membership

The typical UFC Gym prices start at $79.99 for the single monthly subscription up to $1,599.99 for the annual membership of two adults, depending on the location.

Below is the complete list of the average UFC Gym membership cost:

  • Monthly Rate – Single – $79.99
  • Monthly Rate – Dual (Two Adults) – $149.99
  • Annual Rate – Single – $839.99
  • Annual Rate – Dual (Two Adults) – $1,559.99

 What are Included?

Being a member of UFC Gym entitles you to participate in various martial arts classes they offer such as Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial arts that combines elements of dance acrobatics in contact sport; you can do power pilates that helps in lengthening and strengthening your body; or just stick with the basic boxing training if the others overwhelm you.

If you want hardcore gym experience, join their ultimate classes that cater the advanced gym-goers. Some of these classes include the following:

  • The Daily Ultimate Training program – this is a strength and conditioning program that enhances your athletic ability by combining cardio workout, resistance training which is very important in martial arts as well as body awareness.
  • Boxing
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Muay Thai
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • No Gi Jiu Jitsu
  • Wrestling
  • Sparring

You can be assured that UFC Fitness Gym is manned by personal trainers who are qualified and skilled professionals who can guide you to achieve your fitness and training goals. They are a team of professional fighters, each specializing in their own contact sports and martial arts such as boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc.

You are also given access to all of their equipment being a member of UFC Gyms. These include UFC-trademarked Octagon, fitness studios and training centers, grappling room, sauna, among others. Depending on which branch, some of them even have full amenity locker rooms, cafés, and retail gym stores.

Additional Costs

Like any other gyms and fitness clubs, UFC membership fees vary depending on where it is located. This is so primarily because the business follows the preference and cost of living of the people residing in the area.

You may also see different “other fees” in some, if not all branches and franchises that include initiation fees, enrollment fees, facility fees, locker fees, among others.

The enrollment fees would cost range between $150 and $200 while the initiation fees would cost either $199 for the individual membership or $399 for dual membership, regardless of whether you signed up for the monthly or annual subscription.

At a cost of about $80, you may avail of their fitness package which enables you to use their strength and cardio training equipment. It also comes with free access to group fitness classes. It is basically for those who want to have the normal gym time at a gym that focuses mainly on martial arts.

You may also opt for the Ultimate membership package to get unlimited access to group fitness classes and MMA training. This is priced at a minimum of $99, depending on where you enrolled.

Shopping for UFC Gym Membership

If you want to know more about UFC Gym Membership, their locator can assist you in finding a branch near your place.

They have also come up with a free application that you can download for your iOS and Android device. This app provides social media platform, class schedules as well as keeps track of your fitness goals.

Factors Affecting Cost of UFC Gym Membership

  • Location – as mentioned, the UFC Gym membership cost may vary depending on locations as these are run independently by franchisees who can decide to offer promos and discounts to members in their area.
  • Package – UFC offers a lot of programs and classes aside from the usual martial arts-themed training. Your choice for the add-on packages affects the overall cost of your membership.
  • Timing – one cost-saving tip in order to reduce the UFC Gym prices is the timing of your inquiry with a gym membership agent. It is said that it is very likely that they would give good discounts or even waive certain fees like initiation and enrollment fees when you negotiate towards the end of the month as these agents try to fill their quota for the month.
  • Single or Dual – when considering signing up for a gym membership, a buddy system can always come in handy. Not only would eliminate the awkwardness in the gym by working out with someone you know, you can also save on UFC Gym prices by applying for dual membership.
  • Discounts – you can watch out for or even ask for discounts especially when a UFC gym is yet to open. These are pre-selling memberships. Also, regular discounts are applied for dual members as well as paying full annual fees.
  • Insurance – some employers may be kind enough to cater reimbursement programs through your insurance coverage so be sure to inquire with your company representative as well as UFC gym for the requirements to save on membership cost.
  • Monthly or annual – subscribing for either monthly or annual membership has its advantages. Monthly allows you to weigh your option to decide each month whether to continue or not as you are not financially tied up to your membership. On the other hand, annual membership proves to be more cost-effective when you are really decided and focused on training with UFC gym.

Additional Information

If you are undecided yet if Martial Arts is really for you or if you are weighing different gym membership options, UFC gyms offer a guest pass wherein you can get a free, four-day entry and get all the access that a normal member has.

You may also watch out for some promos like a one-week membership at a discounted price through their affiliate marketers. This way, you can try out all their classes and equipment and have no long-term commitment to the gym.

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