How Much Does a Trip to Ladakh Cost?

Traveling can be expensive and considered to be a luxury. But traveling has benefits that no other activities can provide.

A place like Ladakh offers abundant attractions and the chance to interact with different environment ranging from mountains, temples, and lakes. There are at least 46 popular tourist spots to visit in the beautiful land of Ladakh such as Pangong Lake, Leh, and Nubra Valley.

Average Cost for Ladakh Tour

The overall Ladakh trip cost is dependent on the traveler’s preferred accommodation and mode of transportation. Hence, the traveler’s preferences can greatly increase or decrease the cost of the trip. The cost basis is usually between comfortability versus affordability. The Ladakh vacation package prices are around 9,300 INR-69,700 INR or approximately $145-$1,100 per person.

But for travelers not availing tour packages, how would things go? Again, the more luxurious and comfortable the desired accommodation, the higher the budget needed. Since Ladakh is a remote location, there is limited transportation available to enter the area. Accommodation in certain areas is comparatively expensive due to a limited number of establishment in the proximity.

By flight, the international flight to Delhi is around $425-$3,650 from low economy to business class from the USA. Considering Ladakh is 1200 km away from New Delhi, you will have to opt for either a flight or a car. The route is adventurous. Meanwhile, from Delhi to Leh Airport (IXL), the domestic flights cost around $30-$140.

Public transportation’s frequency is delicate because of the accessibility. Buses have schedules to follow with a fare which costs around $4-$20 per person each trip. Rental bikes are also available which cost around $8 for half-day and $13 for whole day excluding the fuel bills.

The common mode of transportation at Ladakh is sharing a public taxi with another tourist. The tour agencies also have taxis available for rent. Public shared taxi will be around $7-$16 per person while tourist taxi is about $12-$31 per person. In certain locations, taxis are rarely available and can increase the cost per trip significantly.

Meanwhile, in terms of accommodation, hotels will be around $13-$245 per night while restaurants charge about $1-$13 per dish. Hotels that have a WiFi connectivity, deluxe rooms, and private bathrooms are more expensive.

Shopping for Ladakh Tour Packages

The prices depend on the luxury of the accommodation and number of people in the group. Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. provides affordable packages with a great itinerary including a full accommodation and exclusive visitations.

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Note: The bike trip includes the rental fee of the 350cc Royal Enfields but excluding the fuel bills. The fuel costs around $46 to $62 including the fuel in the spare tank.

Holidify is another travel platform that helps travelers to find a good vacation plan and provides essential information. The website has details about the tourist spots, tour packages, hotel accommodations, and restaurants.

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Note: Get free quotation from the website of Holidify for detailed coverage of the tour packages. Customization of the tour package is also available starting at $350 per person.

Additional Costs

The above quote does not only include the expenses for the transportation, accommodation, and food. There are things to reconsider before and during the journey that should be included in the budget.

Health Travel – it is mandatory to review the health bulletin of the place to visit. Immunization is critical in protecting the traveler’s health and prevent contracting any deadly disease. In India, Hepatitis A and typhoid are common diseases to be avoided through proper care and vaccination. The cost for vaccination for Hepatitis A is around $18-$66 per shot while for typhoid costs about $40-$50 per dose.

Travel Kit – it is important to invest in travel kits especially for first-timers. Also, water-proofed containers are good to procure for protecting important documents like passport and money from moisture. Since the destination is a foreign country, foreign dictionary and guidebooks are lifesavers in case of emergency.

Clothing – adequate clothing is an essential investment for travelers especially with countries that have extreme weather conditions. In Ladakh, it is mandatory to bring warmer clothes since the temperature can drop to -10 Celsius.

Entrance Fees – there are places that require entrance fees which are usually not included in the itinerary of any tour package.

Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) Leh Environment fee – mandatory fee during the visit.

Additional Information

The best time to visit is in summer (April to June). The weather is bearable while retaining the beautiful contrast of snowy mountains and frozen lakes in certain areas. Meanwhile, early winter (September to October) is good for trekking in Ladakh. Other seasons are quite dangerous and unbearable because of the extreme weather conditions which make some areas closed to the public.

The preparation for a trip is important to secure for a safer journey which increases the expense. Procurement of essential things like immunization, tools, and information can prevent any hassle or danger during the vacation.

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