How Much Does A Trip to Bangkok Cost?

The complete contrast between culture and development is the most fascinating about Bangkok, Thailand. A city combined with diversity in culture, infrastructures, people, and food. There are too many places to explore and every nook and cranny is a sight to see. Old temples are within the city proximity that can be reached in minutes which emphasize the contrast with megamalls in the same area.

The Bangkok trip price usually depends on the type of accommodation the tourist wants. Luxurious and comfort can significantly increase the overall cost of the trip. But in Bangkok, there are plenty of things to do without spending too much. As a reminder, all the cost indicated throughout will be in US dollars. The exchange rate used in converting the local currency is around 0.03 US Dollars to 1 Thai Baht or 33.12 Thai Baht to 1 USD.

Preparation for the Trip

Before traveling to a foreign country, it is important to conduct proper due diligence. Research in advance the locations you want to visit and familiarize yourself with the dangers related to the destination. In Bangkok, there is a huge gap in communication and can cause problems throughout the vacation.

As of now, there is a health bulletin for Zika virus throughout Thailand. Hence, pregnant women are ban to travel within the country. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also spreading awareness to the tourist as protection against the virus. There are also various vaccinations necessary before entering the country.

Common Vaccination:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid

Secondary Vaccination depending on the advice of the medical consultant:

  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis B
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Malaria
  • Rabies
  • Yellow Fever

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to Bangkok is around the cooler months which are from December to February. The weather is very optimal with almost clear skies and a possibility of experiencing temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the hottest time is from March to May with the temperature reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. Holidays and events such as the Thai New Year, water fights festival and boat cruises are great to experience during this time of year.

The offseason has mixed weather condition from clear skies, heavy rains, and bad weather occurring between May and October. The good thing about the rainy season is the discounts for accommodation and tour packages offered by the service providers. Also, some travelers can enjoy the tourist spots more because of less number of people visiting the areas.

Flight Costs

The Bangkok trip prices are dependent on the location of the departure airport, the type of airline, and the date of flight. The prices indicated in the table are based on Cheap Fare Guru which include the taxes and other fees. Also, the cost of the flights might vary depending on the parameters.

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Note: Additional parameters such as a single trip, economy class, and seat for one adult are used in the search.

Shopping for Tour Packages

Since Bangkok has various tourist spot, travelers can utilize single day tours as diversification and experience different scenery. The Bangkok vacation package cost for single day tour is averaging around $12 to $75. The package has already good inclusions such as food, entrance fee, and transportation from the hotel to the location site.

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Meanwhile, the multi-day tour is great for families and couples without worrying about making their own itineraries. The tour, food, and accommodation are already planned out by the tour provider. The usual multi-day Bangkok vacation package is around $110 to $725 per person.

  • 2-Day City and Temple Sightseeing Tour for Couples – $110 per person
  • 2-Day Adventure with River Kwai Jungle Rafts – $180 per person
  • 2-Day Bangkok to Pattaya Cycling Adventure – $410 per person
  • 3-Day Hua Hin Explorer Cycling Tour – $525 per person
  • 3-Day Kanchanaburi and Death Railway Cycling Adventure – $725 per person


Land transportation in Bangkok can be heavy congested especially during rush hours and peak sessions. Gridlocks are also a possibility which can be a major factor in deciding the type of transportation to explore the city. The great thing about Bangkok is the diverse mode of transportation available for commuters and tourists.

To avoid heavy traffic congestion and paying a lot for transportation fares, Bangkok railway system is the perfect solution which can be fully utilized, and cheap. Therefore, there are options to minimize the overall transportation cost depending on the type of vehicle.

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