How Much Does a Trip To Bali Cost?

Located within the Southeast Asian region where the best beaches in the world are located, Indonesia is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists, be it for holiday breaks, honeymoon, backpacking, and the likes. The country with the most number of islands in the world comprising of around 17,000 to 18,000, Indonesia undoubtedly would not run out of beaches and tourist sites to offer.

One of the biggest attractions and arguably the most recognized places in Indonesia is Bali, an island province known for its many excellent beaches, rice terraces, and enchanting temples.

If Indonesia is one of the travel destinations you want to tick off on your bucket list, you are surely interested in how much does a trip to Bali cost?

Average Cost of Trip to Bali

If you are a frequent traveler and been to a lot of places, especially in first world countries, you are in for a treat in Indonesia. That’s because traveling to Southeast Asian countries is very cheap compared those places you have probably been to, say European countries, the Alaskan cruise, or the Bahamas.

If you have been limited as a backpacker during your previous trips, prepare to travel like a king in Indonesia, particularly in Bali, even if you just intend to be just that. Here’s why:

For a day’s budget for the Bali trip, you would be spending an average of around $25 to $30 if you are traveling alone. But if you travel with a companion or sharing with someone, you could even save some as you can get by a day’s trip on a $35 to $40 budget a day. This price range can get you the basic accommodation and transportation and three meals a day plus a few drinks including beers. The savings is from the accommodation as the charge for either one or two occupants per room is the same.

If you want to level up in terms of traveling comfortably by roaming around and not be limited to one area alone, you may increase these budgets by another half and you could already do just that.

To better illustrate the average Bali trip cost, below is the computation of gathered from the expenditures of different travelers:

Per Person

  • Average daily cost, per day – $38
  • One week – $269
  • Two weeks – $538
  • One month– $1,152

Per Couple

  • One week – $538
  • Two weeks – $1,075
  • One month – $2,304

Per item

  • Accommodation hotel or hostel for one person – $22
  • Local transportation taxis, local buses, subway, etc. – $3.81
  • Entertainment entrance tickets, shows, etc. – $6.71
  • Tips and handouts for guides or service providers – $1.86
  • Intercity transportation travel between cities – $11
  • Scams, robberies, and mishaps – $6.01

Per day

  • Food meals for one day – $9.23
  • Bottled water for one day – $0.97
  • Alcohol drinks for one day – $4.46

Different packages are also available so you do not have to worry planning your itinerary as the travel agency has got you covered. provides several of the best Bali vacation package prices, namely:

  • A Taste of Bali (13 days) – starts from $2,095

The price includes twelve-night accommodation, return airport transfers, meals as specified in the itinerary and touring as specified in the itinerary.

  • Affordable Luxury in Bali (8 days) – starts from $1,113

The price includes private transfers, three-night accommodations at Komaneka at Bisma (Bisma Suite), four nights’ accommodations at The Mulia Resort & Villas (Mulia Grandeur Room), daily breakfast, and day touring as per itinerary.

  • Affordable Luxury in Bali including Airfare (10 days) – starts from $1,899

This package is quite tricky as you have to plan your trip based on the season if you want to save on cost. Low season departure from Los Angeles typically costs $1,899 and high season costs $2,399. On the other hand, departing from New York costs $1,949 during low season and $2,449 during high season.

The price includes, round trip airfare from either LA or JFK, including all taxes via Eva Air, arrival meet and greet, private transfers, three-night accommodations at Komaneka at Bisma (Bisma Suite), four-night accommodations at The Mulia Resort & Villas (Mulia Grandeur Room), daily breakfast, day touring as per itinerary.

Please note that this package has limited seats and are subject to availability.

  • Amandari, Ubud, Bali: Stay of Distinction (4 days) – starts from $1,105

The price includes three-night accommodation, roundtrip airport transfers, full day Kintamani tour, and meals as indicated.

They also offer various Bali Beach Escapes with eight days duration at very affordable prices. Some of these include:

  • Bali Beach Escapes: Jimbaran – starts from $1,409
  • Bali Beach Escapes: Kuta – starts from $419
  • Bali Beach Escapes: Sanur – starts from $1,036
  • Bali Beach Escapes: Seminyak – starts from $1,341

The prices include seven-night accommodation, private return airport transfers, daily breakfast, and two full-day private tours.

Short trips are also available via their Bali Stopover packages which include:

  • Bali Stopover: Benoa (3 days) – starts at $209
  • Bali Stopover: Kuta (3 days) – starts at $126
  • Bali Stopover: Nusa Dua (3 days) – starts at $309
  • Bali Stopover: Sanur (3 days) – starts at $153

The prices include two-night accommodation, return airport transfers, and meals as indicated.

Additional Costs

Depending on the package you have availed, there are items that are not included and you would probably be obliged to pay because it is necessary and also for added satisfaction, protection, and security. For the packages that do not include airfare, these are the typical cost you need to pay apart from the Bali vacation package:

  • Gratuities
  • International and domestic airfare and airfare taxes
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fees if applicable

For the packages that include airfare, these are what you need to pay on top of the Bali trip package’s expenses:

  • Travel insurance
  • items of a personal nature and drinks

Shopping for Bali Trip

For more details on the Bali Trip packages, you may check out’s website.

But if you want to stretch your adventure experience in Bali and move freely without the restrictions of tour itineraries, just take note of the prices of commodities and accommodations we indicated above.

Or you might want to consult for your flight and hotel accommodations for more smooth travel and settling in so you can just take the splurge afterward.

Oceanic view in Bali

Factors Affecting Trip to Bali Cost

  • Departure location – how far you are coming from is one of the biggest contributing factors in any travel or trip.
  • Tour packages – trip packages have varying rates depending on how popular the place is that is included in the itinerary that may also include the meals, accommodations, and sometimes airfare depending on your choice.
  • Travel agency – where you availed the tour package can greatly affect the pricing as there are those which can really give you the best deal at the lowest possible price. Inquiring from different agencies and comparing their tour packages is still the best way to save on travel cost.
  • Type of travel plan – there are several ways to do your dream travel; as a backpacker, availing of a tour package that includes everything including airfare, and traveling to the destination first then working with the agency for your itinerary. Each has different pricing schemes because as we always say, convenience has an equivalent price.
  • Season – your choice of whether to travel during the low or high season would be a huge factor in determining how much you have to spend. Save a lot by traveling during the off-season but you may not be able to maximize the trip because of a lot of factors, one of which is the weather.
  • Choice of destination – choosing what particular place to visit would naturally factor in the pricing of the trip as those more popular sites normally priced higher than those which are off the radar.
  • The number of days – the longer you plan to stay on your trip, the higher you have to pay for the cost. But sometimes, some agency tend to offer cheaper deals per day the longer you stay so be sure to find some of those.

As with any Southeast Asian destination that is becoming more and more popular with each passing day, Bali’s reputation is no different. So expect a surge in prices of commodities especially in places where the tourists are concentrated.

Although this tends to be the trend in most parts, you could still find those cheap items and deals you could purchase or avail. Being in this part of the Asian region known for friendliness and hospitality, bargaining for the prices are expected so do not be afraid to ask. As long as you are respectful and you ask in a nice way, you may get what you want with a smile as a bonus.

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