How Much Does a Suspension Repair Cost?

Isn’t it a wonder to you why some vehicle owners and their passengers can sip a cup of coffee freely inside their vehicle while you cannot do so? It is either they have a new car or they have excellent suspension system maintenance.

The suspension system is made up of ball joints, shock absorbers, and springs which help the wheels maintain the proper contact or friction that the vehicle encounters on the road.

Yes, that’s right. They are a network of parts working together to help you get the smoothest driving experience. The springs typically handle the road’s roughness while the shock absorbers handle the impact of the rebound of the springs. Add to the equation the control arms, shafts, rods, bushings, joints, and knuckles to complete the conventional type of car suspension system.

Rising in popularity are those vehicles that employ strut suspension system which combines the control of the arms and the shock absorbers into one unit, thereby eliminating the need for several components. This system may cost more than the conventional types but its advantage is it can do better and so much more plus they need less maintenance.

So, how much does suspension repair cost mainly depends on the type of suspension system your vehicle has.

Average Cost of Suspension Repair

The average suspension replacement cost ranges around $1,000 to $5,000, depending make, model, and year, the type of vehicle, as well as the severity of the condition, among others, with a higher cost expected for luxury and specialty cars. High-end cars can cost so much more to replace the suspension.

We mentioned depending on the severity of the condition. Why? Because there are certain cases when you only need simple repairs. Uncomplicated repairs would only cost around $300 but can go up to $2,200. Doing it yourself would only cost around $200 to $400.

In case you are wondering why the big disparity in the prices when you do it yourself? That is because you can find some aftermarket suspension kits on retail stores online that you can install yourself if you know how to do it. It can go up due to availability issues as the rarer the parts, the more it is likely to cost higher. It could also mean shipping cost can factor in the pricing.

How much does suspension repair cost per some types of vehicle? Below are the prices as quoted by

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What are Included

The repair or replacement cost typically includes the price of the parts as well as the labor charge. It can also include any tools and equipment needed to perform the job.

Every suspension repair or replacement is usually backed up by a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.

Additional Costs

When your vehicle experience suspension malfunctions, a typical problem like misalignment of wheels is often detected as a result. This usually costs around $60 to $200 to resolve, on top of the price of car suspension repair.

As soon as the system has been repaired or replaced, sometimes, a fine tuning could be an extra cost. Although a lot of vehicle service centers would include this in the price, some do not so it is important to clarify everything with them.

Another issue which could potentially have an impact on the suspension repair cost is when points on the chassis where the suspension parts are anchored have become damaged or corroded and therefore would be needing additional repair that translates to additional costs.

Another type of suspension system gaining popularity is the non-conventional suspension system like the hydro-pneumatic suspensions that are typically found in large vehicles like buses, but now can be an option to several vehicles. If this is your choice, then prepare for additional expenditures as these types can be more expensive to maintain.

Shopping for Suspension Repair

You can check out any neighborhood vehicle repair shops as most of them can handle this type of service. But if you want to be assured of quality parts and service, you may check out the FireStone website and get an estimate for your car depending on the year, make, model, and your location.

If you know basic troubleshooting of vehicles and you have spare time, you may consider doing it yourself.

Factors Affecting Suspension Repair Cost

Make, Model and Year – the suspension repair and replacement differ for every make, model, and year of a vehicle. This is due to the quality of parts supplied by the manufacturer of each brand and also may be due to the intricacy of each part comprising the system.

Type of vehicle – the price of car suspension repair also depends on what type of vehicle you are driving, whether sedan, SUV’s, pick-ups, etc.

The severity of the condition – if you have brought your car for repair too late, you might not be able to salvage the parts through repairs and might be a candidate for replacement altogether or repair might be too complex already. When this happens, prepare to spend for additional costs as an additional consequence that may include removal of accumulated rusts making the job more labor-intensive.

Type of suspension – the type of suspension system your vehicle has can also factor in the cost of the repair or replacement of suspension system as the vehicle that utilizes the strut type suspension tend to cost higher but tend to have a longer interval of repairs than those which uses conventional types.

The service center – your neighborhood repair shop’s service can be enough to complete the task but your choice to have it repaired or replaced by a well-known service center can definitely affect the prices as you also pay for their name that also translates to their reputation.

Location – the average suspension replacement cost also varies per area as there are places that charge higher prices compared to others that can be attributed to the cost of living and cost of doing business in those particular areas.

Insurance – typically, maintenance repairs and check-ups especially if caused by wear and tear are not covered by insurance. But the damage to suspension system due to collision is covered, that is if you purchased such coverage to be included in your vehicle insurance. You may also file claims against local or state agency if the damage was caused by potholes without sufficient warning signs for the drivers to see.

Warning Signs of a Faltering Suspension System

The following are the tell-tale signs that your suspension system is not working like it should and needs either repair or replacement depending on the recommendation of the service center:

  • Difficulty turning or car leans to one side or another
  • Noise when driving over humps and bumps
  • Uneven tire wear as a result of impact that damages the shock absorber
  • When your vehicle bounces differently
  • Wandering wheels that is brought about by being uneven

Useful Tips

  • Prior to deciding to have your vehicle’s suspension repaired or replaced, make sure that it is worth it. Sometimes a suspension system replacement can cost up to $5,000. If your vehicle’s value is only in the vicinity of the suspension price, then “your suspension needs a new car”, pun intended.
  • Every vehicle’s parts have their estimated lives. To keep your vehicle at the optimum level, it is advised to replace every part at the end of its useful life rather than waiting for it to fail and cause harm to the other parts.
  • It is generally recommended to have both the left and the right sides of the suspension system replaced at the same time to avoid shifting the stress to the older parts.

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