How Much Does A SkateBoard Cost?

It’s totally understandable for women get attracted to men on wheels. But on skateboards? A ride with several layers of plywood and no engine? What’s with the decks, the bling-blings, the inverted caps, and the hooded shirts that get everyone’s attention?

Human nature must really love adventures, the death-defying stunts, and being suspended in mid-air. Or is just the love of going through the motions, the fluidity of it as you free-flow past everyone else. It must be liberating.

Or are we just attracted to danger? The more dangerous an action is, the more we get excited. No wonder, skateboarders get the “high” for every completed trick.

And if you are one of those aficionados, you might be very much interested in how much does a skateboard cost. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Average Cost of Skateboard

Depending on the brand, the quality, and where you purchased it but could typically range around $20 to $300.

We have categorized each skateboard and their price ranges to make it easy for you to decide which one is right for you. These are the following:

  • Kid’s skateboards – these are the cheapest type of skateboards as they are typically small and only have the basic features to make them safe for kids. They cost around $20 to $45.
  • Mid-quality skateboards – if you are just a newbie skateboarder, these are enough to get you through the excitement and groove. The price ranges for these types are $40 to $65.
  • Blank skateboards – these types cost around $50 to $110 and can give the professional types a run for their money. The only difference is that they just come in plain or one solid color. They do not have design or graphics.
  • Professional skateboards – these are the ones being used in different tournaments and the ones you would likely see on television. These types are typically between $100 to $250.
  • Street/verts skateboards – if you are into tricks, these ones are for you. You could get these at around $70 to $200.
  • Longboard skateboards – these are excellent for riding downhill for those who love accelerating rides. These are ideal for those who are still in the learning phase as they tend to have limited capabilities. They can cost anywhere from $60 to as high as $500.
  • Classic skateboards – these are good for cruising. They are anywhere between $60 and $400.

On the other hand, some of the popular “completes” on the market according to are the following:

Price Brand

  • Andy Mac Fist $59.95 Andy Mac
  • Classic $149.00 Surf One
  • Kickflip Red $59.00 Angelboy
  • Mini-Logo Red $99.00 Mini-Logo
  • Sunrise Wave $149.00 Surf One
  • Twisted Dragon $59.00 Powell Golden Dragon

What are Included

The parts would include the deck, wheels, the trucks, the bearings, and all others. Depending on the type, you might or might not get with it the graphics as some are not built with them.

They also come in different sizes that would depend on the size and age of the person who would use them. So if you are buying them not for yourself but for another person as a gift, be sure to know exactly what size to buy and also their preferences.

To give you an idea, a full size would measure 7.5 inches but can even be larger. The mid-size measures 7.3 inches, the mini measures 7 inches, and the micro would measure 6.5 inches. Still don’t know what size to buy? If it is for a kid or a shorter person, choose the mid-size as they are intended for those under five feet. For taller persons, purchase the full size.

Additional Costs

As your level of expertise gets higher and as you grow fonder of the sport, you would find yourself beginning to invest on some other items connected or has something to do skateboards.

You would most likely be investing on skateboarding gears starting from the shoes for comfort. Another worth buying are safety gears like the helmet and the elbow and knee pads.

Shopping for Skateboards

Before buying your very first skateboard, do your research first. You could find so many that you might get overwhelmed and confused what to buy when you go straight to the store. The review about the 100 Best Skateboards for Sale Reviewed might be of help.

You could find a variety of skateboards from retail giants like Amazon and eBay as well as different specialty shops like:


Factors Affecting Skateboard Cost

These factors include:

  • Type – the type of skateboard have an impact on the pricing because a lot of the characteristics and functionalities of a skateboard would likely depend on the level of skills of the user and their purpose, whether for recreation or for tournaments.
  • Brand – you would likely spend more on the brands that are well-known for their quality, designs, and functionality.
  • Quality – the common notion that expensive products are more durable than the cheaper ones do not tend to be applicable to skateboards all the time as there are known less expensive types which can be at par with the expensive ones.
  • Store – depending on where you purchased the skateboards can also spell the difference on the skateboard price as some stores sell differently in terms of prices as the cost of doing business are not the same especially when you take into consideration the location.

Common Types of Skateboards

There are actually four main types of skateboards. These are the following:

  • Shortboard – from the name itself, this type is the shortest type of all. And since it is the shortest, they would be the lightest and the most widely used in performing tricks.
  • Longboard – this is the longest of all the skateboards, has a symmetrical shape and is typically designed for bombing hills or downhill racing. And because of its length, tricks would be difficult for this type.
  • Old school – this type of skateboard has a flat nose, larger wheels, and also kicktails but is usually asymmetrical and has a wider nose compared to other types. If you enjoy riding ramps and pools, this type is for you.
  • Cruiser – if you see skateboards that have kicktails roaming around, those are the cruiser types. Kicktails are used for easier maneuvering and therefore widely used for roaming around or cruising if you may.

Additional Information

Just like buying a car where you have to test drive to have a feel of the vehicle, the best way of buying a skateboard is to also try it first so you would know if the board feels good. Otherwise, you might choose another variety with a different type of board.

If you are not really a flamboyant type of person and would only want a straightforward skateboarding, the plain type of skateboard would suffice as these types are cheaper compared to the ones with graphic designs. They would fade eventually anyway from constant use anyway so it might not make sense to you having those prints.

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