How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Couch?

If there is a place in the house which could determine what kind of character do you have, it would be the couch. It is the one corner of the house where you can be yourself whether you are alone or in the company of family members. Shout out to couch potatoes!

It is also the one spot in the living room where the family gathers to discuss family issues or just to have a movie marathon on a Saturday night with popcorns and sodas.

Whether you love your sofas so much due to sentimental reasons or it is just your go to place after a hard day’s work, there’s no telling how much you would do anything and everything to preserve it. No matter how impractical it may seem.

Average Cost to Reupholster a Couch

Reupholstering is a way of giving your couch a new look and the perfect opportunity to update the furniture. Especially so when your living room has a new paint, it is nice to see a couch that coordinates with the wall’s color.

For all its worth, let us discuss how much are the sofa reupholstery prices.

Average Cost to Reupholster a Couch

The average reupholster chair cost ranges between $1,200 to $3,500 depending on the size of the couch, the choice of fabric, and the labor charge.

The typical cost of a good fabric ranges from $40 to $70 per yard and can go as high as $200 per yard, while you can still find some low-end fabrics in the market ranging from $10-$15 per yard. 

The labor cost would range between $40 and $55 per yard which tends to be the standard rate for this type of service. But some charges $45 to $100 per hour according to and a couch takes about 12 to 20 hours to complete, which could incur a labor cost of around $540 up to as high as $2,000 for this type of charging.

What are Included

The price quotations of upholsterers consist mainly of two parts: the materials for the fabrics and all other supplies needed to complete the project; and the labor charges that are based on the projected time of completion and the size of the furniture.

In cases where the owner requested additional services, it would also be reflected in the price.

Additional Costs

Aside from the sofa reupholstery prices, other expenses that you need to take care of are the following:

  • Pickup and delivery charges since it is  likely that the project will be done at the contractor’s place of business unless you want to oversee how the reupholstering are done to ensure that everything is up to your liking. Typical transportation charges range from $1.50 to $3 per mile or a flat rate of $75 to $150.
  • You may also decide to replace cushions and pillows since it is customary to match or coordinate the couch and the throw pillows. These typically cost $30 to $70 per piece.
  • You may also ask the contractor to repair or rebuild the frame ($45 to $150), add decorative tacks ($90 to $200) retie the springs, replace legs, change loose cushions etc.

It may seem costly trying to have these issues and damages repaired when your only goal was for your couch to be reupholstered.  But look at the practicality of it. Since you will eventually have those done in the near future, so why not have it done now where you can save on the pickup and delivery charges as well as an additional benefit through discounts you might get from the contractor for bulk services.

Shopping for Couch Reupholstering

When looking for an upholsterer, the best way to start is to ask for a referral from someone you know who has already had their couch and other furniture reupholstered. When this is not possible, you can search online if there are any contractors near your location and as much as possible, accept several quotations. Also, ask if you could see some of their works or if it is possible to visit their workplace. Do background checks especially from previous customers and ask for feedbacks regarding the service.

Checking out the may help you locate upholstering professionals and get free quotes so you could compare prices and the scope of work.

Factors Affecting Cost to Reupholster a Couch

Sometimes, when the furniture is so precious to the owner, especially when it has sentimental value like it was an heirloom or it was the first investment you have made out of your first salary as an employee, no matter how impractical to maintain or salvage the furniture, you would do everything to preserve it.

But regardless, it is still important to know the factors affecting the reupholster chair cost.

Some of these cost considerations include the following:

  • The type of fabric – your choice of fabric still remains to be the main determinant of how much does it cost to reupholster a couch.
  • Labor cost – how much you pay for the service of the upholsterer depends on the size of the couch as well the number of curves and angles that the furniture have.
  • The contractor – not all upholsterers charge the same rate for their service. You should be wise to choose among several choices in order to get the best deal. That is, getting the cheapest without sacrificing the quality.
  • Location – the cost varies per location due to different factors such as the cost of doing business, cost of living, tax rates, etc. Also, those areas which have a high demand for upholsterers tend to have higher rates as well.

Additional Information

Sometimes the furniture owners are having a hard time deciding whether to repair the old couch or purchase a new set. This is especially true when there is sentimental value consideration behind the item. But all things set aside, the decision lies on the difference between the prices of reupholstering as against the price of the new furniture. If there is no material or significant difference between the two, it is better to give your living room a facelift and go for the new one.

Reasons to Maintain Old Furniture

The following are the compelling reasons why you would keep an old furniture:

  • Sentimental value – when memories factor in the decision making, all other reasons mean nothing
  • Current value – when the furniture piece becomes so old that it becomes an antique item, its value soars
  • Quality – one reason you can’t let go of old furniture is knowing that you cannot find another piece as sturdy as your old one.
  • Environmental concerns – keeping the old furniture pieces just because you do not want to contribute to the already full landfills may seem like a very noble thing to do, but such noble people still do exist, whether you believe it or not.

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