How Much Does Pool Table Moving Cost?

Moving into a new house can be exciting but can pose a lot of hassle as well. Sure you can transfer some of your furniture and appliances using your family vehicle, sometimes making several trips back and forth. It can be very tedious but it is very possible. Before you know it, you are already done transferring.

The problem is when you have very large furniture at home. This is especially true when you have a pool table and a very large one at that.

One of the issues with moving the pool table and transfer it from one place to another is the thinking that it can be done in one piece because it is not built that way. Come to think of it. Your pool table was purchased and was assembled at home. It was not delivered as a whole. It was in parts. What makes you think you can move it any other way?

If you have decided to ask the help of the professionals, you would be interested to know how much does it cost to move a pool table.

Average Cost of Pool Table Moving

The reported pool table movers’ price can be as low as $220 and can be as high as $1,500 depending on a lot of factors such as the size of the table, the destination, among others.

The average pool table moving costs as per are the following:

  • Moves  (Breakdown, Move, & Set-up) – 3-piece, 1” slate tables without stairs or mileage fees
    • 7’ – $239
    • 8’ – $249
    • 9’ – $299

The descriptions of each service are provided below as quoted:

  • Breakdown – the disassembly of a pool table so it can be transported.
  • Set-up – the complete assembly of a pool table not including covering the rails when it has reached the destination.
  • Move – the transport of an already disassembled pool table from point of origin to point of destination.

Although not very popular and can sometimes be disadvantageous especially for a long haul, you could find some movers that charge per hour. A local move would be charged around $40 to $50 per hour per mover. If hiring men plus a truck to transfer the pool table, expect to pay around $85 to $100 per hour depending on the location of the transfer.

What are Included

The pool table movers’ price typically includes the disassembly and breakdown of your pool table, the transfer from your home or original location to the new destination, and the setup or assembly in the new location.

One of the aspects, when you choose the professionals to move your pool table, is making sure they have certification to ensure that they are skilled such kind of services as well as asking if they offer warranties or guarantees for the said services. These are your protection against possible damage to the pool table during times it is under their responsibility.

Additional Costs

Your contractor might have quoted a particular price based on several factors like the distance and the weight of the pool table. But you must also note that you have to mention the need to transfer using the stairs, whether from upstairs of the origin or the destination, or both. If this is not specifically indicated in the quote, then prepare to pay extra for the effort of moving up and down the stairs.

Sometimes, knowing how much does it cost to move a pool table is not enough as there might be other services you might need aside from the pool table moving service.

You also might have wanted to refelt your pool in a long time but you either may have been too busy or it is not on the budget. But when you hire a professional to move your pool table, you might as well ask the company to refelt it at the same time.

Refelting might cost anywhere between $275 and $550 for the materials and labor but the pool table mover might be able to give you a discount if you package the service with the pool moving.

But you might opt to buy the felt yourself and pay only for the installation service for added savings.

Shopping for Pool Table Movers

Most moving companies offer pool table moving services so if you know anyone within your area, you may ask if they offer the service. You may also ask someone you know for a referral so you can be assured of the quality of service.

You may also find a professional mover using the’s locator near your area just by providing your zip code.

Factors Affecting Pool Table Movers Price

The size of the table – most of the time, the larger the table, the higher the cost except in cases of flat rates.

The weight of the table – this has a huge effect on the pricing because of the difficulty of lifting the parts to be able to disassemble, transfer, and assemble again.

Distance – most pool table movers set a standard distance for a particular rate and additional cost is likely to be charged if you go beyond this distance. The farther the distance, the more expensive the moving fee.

Flat rate – although you may find a few companies charging an hourly rate, most companies would charge a flat rate for the service. And these flat rates differ per company. Just be sure to consider the average pool table moving cost as against the value of the pool table as sometimes, it might not be worth it or you might need a company who could provide cheaper service.

Make of the table – the materials your pool table are made up of may sometimes require a more delicate handling, therefore, additional efforts must be made which translates to higher cost. Hence, some contractors are also asking for the brand of the pool table prior to sending a quotation.

Ball return system and pocket – if your pool system has a ball return system attached to the table, chances are, you will be charged an additional fee which also depends on whether they are made of leather or plastic.

Positioning – it may appear like it has nothing to do with the moving but when your pool tables are not in its standard position such as when it is upside down or its sides, expect some companies to charge an additional fee as much as $100.

The pool movers – movers have varying rates depending on their skills and qualifications, the quality of the service if they offer warranties and guarantees if they are insured, among others.

Location – the pricing is also affected by the location as there are areas where the prices of services are more expensive due to cost of living and cost of doing business, demand for the service, among others.

Additional Information

Some of the tips you might want to consider when thinking of moving your pool table in another location are the following:

  • When the pool movers already quoted the price and the agreement has been finalized, never attempt to disassemble the pool table yourself in an attempt to save time or even get a discount because of your participation. Most often than not, it may even be disadvantageous when you do not know how to do it the right way and may require additional effort from the contractor to fix what you have done.
  • When getting a quote from contractors, an ocular visit might be necessary to be able to get the accurate pricing. When it is not possible especially when getting quotes online, you need to specify every detail about the pool table and never leave any detail behind. The contractor would ask everything it needs to know but it would help to mention things which you think might be important in the performance of the service. As much as possible, send pictures of the table at every angle so the mover would know the exact condition of the table.

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