Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Menu and Prices

Have you ever craved for your bacon and eggs, pancakes, or even French Toasts during lunch or dinner time? Sometimes, you have to check out your fridge for any ingredients that could produce what your taste buds are looking for only to be disappointed to find out nothing.

You don’t have to worry as Perkins Restaurants can make life easy for you and your palate and serve you your ideal breakfast any time of the day.

Perkins Restaurant is an All-American casual dining restaurant that is well known for serving breakfast anytime you like it during its business hours. They have a wide variety of choices ranging from their famous pancakes, omelets, eggs, Belgian waffles, burgers, sandwiches, and yes, coffee! So you don’t need to cram your way to fast food restaurants just to beat the deadline of their breakfast schedule.

And if you love baked products and have a sweet tooth, you would never run out choices. Choose among the freshly baked muffins, cookies, cream and fruit pies, and even specialty pastries anytime any day. But of course, they have lunch, snack, and dinner too.

If you do not have any idea yet of the different Perkins prices, you came to the right place.

Perkins menu prices

Average Cost of Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Menu

The different Perkins menu prices ranges from as low as $0.69 for some variety of cookies to $11.99 for the 10-oz New York Strip Steak.

For the complete list of Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Menu and Prices, please find below the information provided by

Perkins Sides

Baked Potato – $1.89

Breakfast Potatoes – $1.99

Buttered Corn – $1.89

French Fries – $1.89

Glazed Baby Carrots – $1.89

Green Beans with Bacon – $1.89

Hash Browns – $1.89

Herb Rice Blend – $1.89

Macaroni & Cheese – $1.89

Mashed Potatoes –  $1.89

Side Salad – $1.99

Steamed Broccoli – $1.89

Perkins Home Pies Menu

Apple Lattice – $2.39

Apple, Caramel Apple Piekins (Perkins), Reduced Fat – $2.19

Banana Cream –  $2.69

Caramel Apple – $2.69

Chocolate French Silk – $2.99

Coconut Cream – $2.69

Heath Crunch – $2.99

Lemon Meringue – $2.69

Peanut Butter Silk – $2.99

Seasonal Pies -$2.69

Southern Pecan – $2.69

Wildberry, Wildberry Pie (Perkins), Reduced Fat – $2.89

Perkins Hearty Extras

Breakfast Potatoes – $1.99

Cinnamon Roll – $1.79

Hash Browns – $1.89

Mammoth Muffin – $1.89

Perkins Famous Chicken Noodle Soup – $2.49

Sausage Links Or Patties – $1.99

Smoked Bacon – $2.49

Smoked Ham Steak – $3.69

Toast, English Muffin, Biscuits – $1.39

Perkins Drinks Menu

Bottomless Beverages – $1.79

Bottomless Cup of Tea – $1.59

Hot Chocolate – $1.89

Milk – $1.59

Orange, Orange Juice (Perkins), Grapefruit or Apple Juice – $1.59

Perkins Famous Bottomless Coffee – $1.89

Shakes ‘n Malts – $2.59

V-8 Vegetable Juice – $1.89

Perkins Hearty Entrees Menu

Butterball Turkey & Dressing – $9.29

Captain’s Catch – $10.79

Chicken Crisp Platter – $8.29

Grilled Apricot Teriyaki Salmon – $10.29

Mushroom ‘N Swiss Chicken – $8.79

New York Strip Steak (10-oz) – $11.99

Shrimp Feast – $9.29

Top Sirloin Steak (7-oz) – $9.89

Perkins Appetizers Menu

Appetizer Sampler – $8.29

Cheese Quesadilla – $4.29

Chicken ‘n Cheese Quesadilla – $5.49

Chicken Tender Crisps – $5.79

Onion Rings Basket – $4.59

Santa Fe Mini Chimi’s – $5.29

Zesty Mozzarella Sticks – $5.49

Perkins Fresh Baked Cookies

Chocolate Chip – $0.89

Oatmeal Raisin Walnut – $0.89

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – $0.89

Sugar – $0.69

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – $0.89

Perkins Omelets Menu

Build Your Own Omelet – $6.89

Everything Omelet – $7.79

Granny’s Country Omelet – $7.79

Ham & Cheese – $6.99

Perkins Egg Classics

Classic Egg Favorites – $6.69

Smoked Ham Steak and Two Eggs (8-oz) – $9.29

Top Sirloin Steak and Two Eggs (7-oz) – $9.79

Two Egg Combo – $5.79

Perkins Sweets Menu

Brownie –  $1.29

Cinnamon Roll – $1.79

Éclair – $1.89

Sticky Bun – $1.89

Perkins Pancakes Plus Menu

Authentic French Toast – $5.49

Short Stack of Three Pancakes – $3.79

The Buttermilk Five – $4.29

Perkins Soups and Salads Menu

BLT Chicken Bread Bowl  -$8.29

Chicken Caesar Bread Bowl – $8.29

Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch Bread Bowl – $8.29

Perkins Sandwich Menu

BBQ Chicken Supreme – $7.59

French Dip – $7.29

Turkey Club Deluxe – $7.29

Perkins Burgers Menu

BBQ Supreme Burger – $7.59

Cheeseburger – $6.99

Hamburger – $6.59

Perkins Breakfast Menu – Special Items

Country Biscuit Platter – $6.69

Perkins Eggs Benedict – $7.39

Tremendous Twelve – $7.69

Perkins Melt Sandwiches

Chicken Tender Melt – $8.29

Country Club Melt – $7.99

Patty Melt – $7.29

Perkins Mammoth Muffins

Mammoth Muffins – $1.89

Kid Perks Meals

Cheeseburger – $4.29

Mac and Cheese – $4.29

Cheese Pizza – $4.29

Chicken Tenders – $4.29

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – $4.29

Chicken ‘n Cheese Quesadilla – $4.29

Other Kid Perks Meals include the following and you may check out their actual prices at the branch:

Pancake Dippers

Perky Bear Pancakes

Brioche French Toast

Silver Dollar Short Stack

Chicken Strips

Scrambled Egg, Hash Browns, and Toast

Rainbow Pancakes

Mini Chef Salad

What are Included

Here are some of what you can get from your food choices that are included in the Perkins menu prices:

  • Omelets – these are served with either hash browns or breakfast potatoes and any one among buttermilk pancakes; fresh-baked mammoth muffin; or white, rye or whole wheat toast.
  • Egg Classics – these are served with either hash browns or breakfast potatoes and any of the choices: three buttermilk pancakes; freshly-baked mammoth muffin; or white, rye or whole wheat toast.
  • Pancakes Plus – pancakes are served with their own special flavored syrups that include maple, apricot, twinberry, and sugar-free maple.
  • Soup ‘N Salads – the salad dressings include ancho bacon, Thousand Island, bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard, Caesar, French, creamy Italian, and balsamic vinaigrette. These also vary depending on what branch you dined in.
  • Ultimate Sandwiches – these are always served with fries.
  • Hearty Entrees – these are served with warm rolls and a choice of any two of the sides. These are unless they note otherwise.
  • Bigger, Better Burgers – these 100% USDA ground chuck burgers are cooked to medium well unless you requested them to be cooked any other way and are served with fries.
  • Melt Sandwiches – the bread on these sandwiches are thick-sliced and grilled and are served with fries.
  • Kid Perks Meals – these come with the choice of any one side except for the chicken ‘n cheese quesadilla.

Additional Costs

You can have an option to pick an “on the side” worth $0.89 on top of the Perkins prices to come with your meal. The choices include a cup of chicken noodle soup, fresh fruit cup, salad, steamed broccoli, corn, French fries, mashed potatoes, or applesauce.

If you want to brighten a loved one’s day or just give someone a simple token of appreciation, a Perkins gift card is all you need. These cards are valid at all of their over almost 400 locations.

Locations of Perkins Restaurants and Bakery

If you have not tried dining at Perkins Restaurant, then it is high time you do. There are about 378 locations scattered across 32 states in the country and 17 in Canada that you are likely going to locate one near you. To help you search for branches, you may use the Perkins Restaurant locator for your convenience.

Factors Affecting Perkins Menu Prices

Choice of food – the vast choices of food on the menu and of course how much you could take in one sitting would dictate how much you would be paying for the Perkins prices.

Location – the prices presented above are estimates only and could differ depending on the branch where you choose to dine in or what state it is located due to different factors such as the cost of doing business, cost of living, among others.

Choice of sides – the cost of the main entree are fixed and it is up to you to add your choice of the sides. There are standard sides included in some of the main dishes but your choice to deviate among these combinations would entail additional costs.

Age – Perkins are made for all ages but depending on you and your companion’s age, you can choose to order specialty foods that are for kids as well as for seniors 55 years old and above which are supposedly discounted for this age group.

Coupons – there are several promotions offering Perkins discounts and availing one of those can save you as much as 50% of the cost of the particular food included in the promo at any given time.

Additional Information

Subscribe to their mailing list and get a 20% discount coupon for your meals the following day and a special gift for your birthday. You can also add family members 12 years old and below so they can get birthday gifts as well.

Although Perkins Restaurants and Bakery have been through ups and downs through its almost 60 years of existence, the quality of foods and service have not changed and it has kept some loyal following.

And when you have the slogan “Breakfast is just the beginning”, you could expect of great things to come for the rest of the day. Bon appétit!

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