How Much Does a Netflix Subscription Cost?

If “Felicity”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “The X-Files” or “Ally McBeal” were still airing up to this day and run on Netflix (and we mean current and not just reruns), life would seriously be so much sweeter. And since they are not, we have to content ourselves with the next best thing, probably “Game of Thrones”?

But what the hell is Netflix?

For those who may have heard it for the first time, Netflix is arguably one of the most popular online TV show and movie streaming services in the world with over 90 million subscribers in 190 countries and can be viewed on almost all platforms ranging from Smart TV, Android, iPhones, iPad, or any device that can access the internet.

If you are already excited to subscribe, it is important to know how much does Netflix cost as although they offer a free subscription for the first month, they would leave you craving for more.

Average Netflix Subscription Fees

If you are within the United States, be sure to check for updates on the subscription plans as Netflix are known to increase the price from time to time. But as of this writing, the current Netflix price per month is $7.99 for the Basic Plan, $9.99 for the Standard Plan, and $11.99 for the Premium Plan.

In case you are wondering how much does Netflix cost in the UK, Canada, and Australia which are some of the largest subscribing countries outside the USA, please see the figures below:

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Further, the costs of Netflix’s basic plan for the rest of the world are as follows:

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What are Included

The free one month trial is intended for those who want to try Netflix first to make sure if a subscription is worth for them or not. You can choose any types of plans for your free trial that you can cancel anytime you want.

Please note that apart from creating your own Netflix account, you need to provide your credit information even if you will not be billed for the free one-month trial. According to Netflix, this just to ensure that you would get uninterrupted service once you decided to proceed with the paid subscription after your free trial expires. Further, you need not worry of you being billed without you knowing it as Netflix promises to notify you before the free trial expires so you can decide if you want to cancel it or continue.

Some of the features of Netflix which depend on the type of subscription plan you availed are the following:

  • No advertisements – if you are the type of person who does not find any kind of advertisement appealing no matter how these commercials have been recreated nowadays, then Netflix is the right one for you. If you are subscribing to the premium plans, that is.
  • Watch on any device anywhere – regardless of the device you are using, you can access Netflix anytime and anywhere you feel like it.
  • You can watch an entire season without break – unlike watching TV that you need to wait for days or weeks to complete a series, Netflix would not leave you craving for more each time by giving you the chance to watch an entire series in one sitting.
  • Huge database – Netflix has a huge database of movies, TV shows, and documentaries that seem bottomless so you would never be out of interesting shows to watch.

The features available per type of subscription plans are summarized as follows:

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Additional Costs

Feeling a bit an old school? Don’t fret as Netflix have not ditched their DVDs and Blu-rays just yet. You could still get them at the price starting from $5 and upwards, depending on how many discs you want per month.

The following are their pricing schemes for this type of service:

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Shopping for Netflix

If you want to subscribe to Netflix or just want to avail their one-month free subscription, go directly to their website.

Just create an account and fill out all the needed data as well as your credit card information which would not be billed until you decide to switch to paid subscription after your free trial expires.

Factors Affecting Your Netflix Fees

Type of plan – your choice of the type of subscription plan is the main determinant factor.

Location – price depends on where you are subscribing from around the world.

Additional service – apart from subscribing from the streaming plans, you can also avail their discs like DVDs and Blu-rays at an extra cost.

The number of persons you want to share your account with – the number of persons you want to share streaming with, be it your loved ones, roommates, or anyone, would also affect the cost of your Netflix subscription.

Data plan – although you can watch unlimited shows and movies on Netflix, you need to watch out for your internet subscriptions as well as there are certain speed requirements to be able to stream them uninterrupted.

Netflix recommends the following internet speeds to stream their videos:

    • SD – 3.0 Megabits per second
    • HD – 5.0 Megabits per second
    • Ultra HD – 25 Megabits per second

You also need to work on your data cap as Netflix streaming can eat up a lot of data so even though the Netflix price is cheap, your internet subscription may not be as kind.

Additional Information

Simultaneous viewing – this pertains to your privilege to share your Netflix account with your loved ones. If you have the basic plan only, you cannot do this. Whereas with the standard and premium plans, it would let you watch using your account on up to two screens and up to four screens or devices for the premium plan respectively at the same time.

HD and Ultra HD – another reason for you to switch to higher than the basic plan is if you prefer to watch higher quality videos for your viewing pleasure. Even if you do not intend to share your account but you want to watch in HD, you need to switch to Standard Plan or Premium Plan for the Ultra HD as Basic Plan is only offering video streaming at Standard Definition or SD.

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