How Much Does a Kraftmaid Cabinet Cost?

Most people will mention Kraftmaid when it comes to topics related to kitchen cabinetry. The US-leading company has been in the industry for over 40 years, making its name recognizable for a majority of Americans.

A distinctive trait of Kraftmaid cabinets is their custom-like appeal. The company actually sells semi-custom products providing you with cabinetry that is both stylish and affordable. Basically, you have greater freedom for choosing the design than if you buy stock cabinets. Also, you will pay less compared to if you’re ordering custom-made ones.


That said, just how much does Kraftmaid cabinet cost?


Average Kraftmaid Cabinet Cost

The national average, according CostOwl, runs from around $10,000 to $15,000. The said price already includes the cabinets and installation.

As for the lowest cost, you can expect to pay $5,000. That is if you’re content with outfitting a small kitchen with basic Kraftmaid cabinets. Consequently, you might end up spending as much as $25,000 if you prefer more expensive wood and more upgrades.

Another way to figure out the Kraftmaid cabinet cost is by computing the price per linear square foot. Generally, you’ll be paying between $100 and $200 per said unit. More expensive options, though, can reach as much as $300 per linear square foot.

To help you calculate the costs, know that a standard-sized kitchen is equivalent to 25 to 30 feet of cabinets. If you’re renovating the whole area, cabinetry will account for as much as 40% of the overall expense.   

Cost Factors

We can only depend on estimated average prices, but the exact cost of the cabinets will still depend on several factors:

The size of your kitchen

  • The smaller your kitchen, the lesser cabinets to install, and thus, the lower the price.

Style and material of the cabinets

  • Basic cabinets will cost less than those made from premium wood and have far more elaborate styles.

Features and upgrades

  • Kraftmaid cabinets will be more expensive the more features and upgrades you request.

How do you acquire a Kraftmaid cabinet price list? As the company does not post their pricing online, your only option is to inquire with one of their 3,500+ retail outlets. That said, each retailer has their own system. For instance, their prices may be affected by the shipping and handling costs. 

Your selected retailer will be the one to provide you with the services you need. These include measuring your kitchen and giving you a precise quote of the construction.

You should expect to pay around $100 when a retailer visits your house to get the measurements. This fee will be up for a refund, though, if you end up ordering the cabinets. 

To contact your retailer, you can access the Kraftmaid website to request for a quotation.


Sample Prices

One source of a Kraftmaid cabinet price list is this web site. Depending on the material, the cost of the said furniture ranges from $1,300 to $5,100. Here are samples:

  • Honey Spice Maple: $2,700 (for 16 cabinets)
  • Cognac Maple: $1,800 (for 14 cabinets)
  • Honey Spice Cherry: $5,100 (for 27 cabinets)
  • Irish Glaze Maple: $1,300 (for 13 cabinets)
  • Ginger Glaze Maple: $1,900 (for 14 cabinets)
  • Natural Cherry: $2,100 (for 13 cabinets)
  • Honey Spice Birch: $2,900 (for 15 cabinets)
  • Natural Cherry: $3,400 (for 18 cabinets)
  • Ginger Glaze Maple: $2,600 (for 17 cabinets)
  • Cabernet Cherry: $3,000 (for 21 cabinets)

Note that the above prices are for the cabinet sets only and do not include the installation costs. That said, installing cabinets for your kitchen is no simple task especially if you do not have any know-how. Thus, you will likely hire an expert to affix them in place.

Note also that the above Kraftmaid cabinet price list may change depending on your location and the retailer you choose.

Kraftmaid Accessories

You’ll be needing some accessories to maximize the functionality of your Kraftmaid cabinets. To address this, the company listed some on their website (along with the prices). Here are sample costs:

  • Base Cookware Storage Roll-out: $467
  • Bread Box Kit: $44
  • Deep Roll-out Trays: $77
  • Hamper Kit: $96
  • Knife Section Cutting Center Kit: $182
  • Replacement Office Wastebasket: $21
  • Reverse-A-Shelf Kit: $247
  • Sink Base Door Storage Unit Kit: $177
  • Roll-out Trays: $68
  • Stainless Utensil Tray Kit: $97

Kraftmaid also sells decorative hardware, replacement parts, and cabinet care products.

Money Saving Tips

Similar to other home improvement projects, you can get several quotations from different suppliers or retailers for installing your cabinets. You may opt to buy only the Kraftmaid products and had someone else do the installation. Or you can contact a retailer and let them do all the work. What’s important is that your choice will be cost-effective so you can save some money.

You can also check for retailers that offer low price guarantees. That, in fact, is an obvious way to save money. However, be wary as some of them may not provide quality service. Before you trust a supplier, read reviews and ask around to know how they fare with other customers.

Other Tips

Most of us will be willing to spend for a product if we know that its quality will be worth the money. But how do we distinguish a high-quality cabinet from a throng of polished, sub standard ones? Well, we need to inspect the cabinets closely. To do that, here’s a guide from Consumer Reports:

  • Look for cabinets that have doors with a solid wood frame that surrounds solid-wood or plywood panels.
  • Avoid drawers made of stapled particle board. Instead, opt for those with solid-wood sides, dovetail joinery, and a plywood bottom that fits.
  • Be sure that the hardware (such as drawer guides and hinges) adds ease of use to the cabinet.
  • Buy cabinets with thicker shelves to avoid sagging.

Additionally, you should only buy cabinets from trusted suppliers or retailers. Those who have already established a name in your area will most likely provide the best service. Good luck on your kitchen renovation project!