How Much Does a Fitness 19 Membership Cost?

Fitness 19 is one of the quickest growing health club operating in the USA, thanks to its reasonable rates and up-to-date equipment.

Currently, Fitness 19 has more than 160 branches in the United States.

With its amenable membership options, it is the excellent pick for any gym-goer. Let’s check the average fitness 19 membership cost.

Average Cost of Fitness 29 Membership Fees

The membership fee of Fitness 19 will vary based on the location, but they’re normally quite reasonably priced. You can even haggle over the price. On average, the locker fee is $49.00, while the annual membership fee is $19.00, although in some areas you will pay from $7.00 to $15.00 per month.

There will be a membership package to accommodate all needs; either you prefer to use a gym on a frequent basis or are contemplating a somewhat less committed workout. Typically, there will be a discount or special promo available.

Just contact the nearest Fitness 19 in your area if you wish to know the specific features of their membership deals. Below are the general membership offers of fitness 19.

Table1: Premium Membership (Unlimited Access)

Inclusion & Add-Ons Price
Start-Up $49
Monthly $19
Additional Person Start UP $39
Additional Person Monthly $9
Cancellation $0

Premium Membership allows access to all Fitness 19 clubs in your region. This deal is perfect for those who travel frequently or reside near various locations. The start-up price for this membership is $49.00, with a $19.00 monthly fee.

You can also add your family or friends to the club. The start-up cost for an additional person is $39.00, with a monthly fee of just $9.00.

Table 2: Single Location

Inclusion & Add-Ons Price
Start-Up Fee $49
Monthly Fee $15
Add Each Person Start UP Fee $39
Add Each Person Monthly Fee $9
Cancellation Fee $0.00

A Single Location membership is open for those who are near only one Fitness 19 center and just need to work out at one place.  The start-up fee for this offer is the same, $49.00. However, you save with its monthly fee, which is only $15.00.

Table 3: Limited Membership (Only Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday Access)

Inclusion Fees
Start-Up Fee $49.00
Monthly Fee $7.00

Fitness 19 prices fluctuate from every kind of membership, and this deal is where people can save more. This membership grants you 3-day access to Fitness 19 centers on available days; Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays. Sadly, you cannot have add-on discounts for your family and colleagues with this plan.

Other Membership Deals in Different Region

At Fitness 19 Long Beach, CAthere is a month-to-month plan, the Basic Club of Enrollment Membership, which consists of unlimited gym access but only at the Home Club location. This deal also includes an hour session of Introductory Personal Training, which will expire within 60 days.

Table 4: Club of Enrolment

Services Offered Highlights Fees
Membership Dues, PT Intro Session Open-Ended Agreement

Individual Plan



Table 5: General Membership in Fitness 19, Algonquin, IL

Fees Silver Membership Gold Membership
Enrollment Fee $9.00 $99.00
Locker Dues $19.00 $49.00
1st Month Dues $16.41 $6.54
Last Month Dues $24.95 $9.95
DUES $24.95 $9.95
Down Payment $69.36 $164.49

At Fitness 19 Long TX,177,  they have Multi-Texas Club membership, which allows you to use any of their health clubs in Texas, such as Katy, Cypress, Houston, and San Antonio. This membership offer also includes Unlimited Guest Privileges in Houston and Unlimited Tanning Classes.

Table 6: Online only-Multi-Texas Club

Services Offered Highlights Fees
Dues Membership, PT Intro Session Open-Ended Agreement

Individual Plan



At Fitness 19 Elkins Park, PA, they incorporate child care into their membership options.  Check out some of their offers and the fitness 19 prices below.

Table 7: Home Club Standard Membership

Inclusion/Add-Ons Prices Highlights
Monthly Fee $13.00/month Unlimited Access
Initiation Fee $21.00/month FREE 2 PT sessions
Monthly Fee (Family Add-on) $9.00/month No Long term contracts
Initiation Fee (Family Add-on) $10.00/month
Kids Room $5.00/month

Table 8: Featured Special GOLD Membership

Inclusion/Add-Ons Prices Highlights
Monthly Fee $20.00/month Special for the First 99 New Members
Initiation Fee $25.00/month Unlimited Classes
Monthly Fee (Family Add-on) $9.00/month No Long term contracts
Initiation Fee (Family Add-on) $10.00/month Unlimited Guest Privileges
Kids Room $5.00/month

Table 9: Gold PLUS Membership

Inclusion/Add-Ons Prices Highlights
Monthly Fee $23.00/month Multi-Club Access
Initiation Fee $29.00/month 2 FREE PT sessions
Monthly Fee (Family Add-on) $9.00/month Unlimited Classes
Initiation Fee (Family Add-on) $10.00/month Unlimited Guest Privileges
Kids Room $5.00/month 1 Free Kid’s Room
No Long term contracts

How To Get A Fitness 19 Guest Pass?

There are lots of things for beginners and experienced gym goers to think about when searching for a membership. Because of the significant number of fitness clubs all over the US, there are a lot of choices, with everyone asserting they’re better than the rest.

If you are not sure yet which plan works best for your requirements, first you should ask for a free guest pass to Fitness 19. But how do you get a guest pass?

  • First, visit their website, and find out which club is the nearest to you. After that, there’s a simple form to fill out.
  • Enter your name, phone number, email, and then wait for a response email with the pass attached. While waiting, you can read up about toning your body, building muscles, losing weight, etc. Fitness is a good book for beginners that you can purchase on Amazon.
  • The Fitness 19 guest pass is applicable for just three days. Only one individual can use this guest pass at a time. And when checking in, you will need a picture ID to get in.
  • After the guest pass has been emailed to you, it will last for 2 weeks. Thus, make certain to take advantage of it, and see what it offers and if it’s worth it to you to pay the fitness 19 membership cost.


Fitness 19 is committed to providing better quality, comfort, and prices than other gyms. They accomplish their objectives by establishing health club where people live, having tons of world-class equipment, and catering to clients with children.

By knowing the membership fee of fitness 19, you will become part of the community and be guided through every phase of your health journey, with all the motivation and support you need to achieve your goals.

All they ask is for you to do your part. Fitness 19 wants to make sure you get the most out of your membership and that you notice and feel the gains of exercise as soon as possible.

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