How Much Does an Exhaust Leak Repair Cost?

Owning a car can be one’s ultimate dream, besides, of course, owning a house. But unlike a house that you can get by without repairing any damaged parts either temporarily or otherwise because of the issues of time and money and still be habitable, the same can’t be true in the case of vehicles. Not only can they be a hassle on the road and costly, some damaged parts can also be dangerous, at worst fatal.

One of the most popular vehicle defects is the exhaust manifold leak which can just sometimes bring some harmless nuisance like creating a loud noise that can earn you a ticket in some areas, excessive burning of your fuel which could mean burning your hard-earned dollars away, or leads to a more serious damage like burning an exhaust valve creating a more serious damage which would mean more expensive cost.

Cost for repairing an exhaust leak of car

But sometimes, it can lead to a more serious consequence when the exhaust or the toxic fumes from the combustion chamber flow the wrong way into the inside of the vehicle causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Scared yet? If you stay vigilant, no need to.  And in case you are wondering, how much to fix exhaust leak would cost, here is what we have gathered.

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Average Cost of Exhaust Leak Repair

The average cost to repair exhaust leak can range anywhere between $125 to $300 for the  labor costs and around $15 to $50 for the parts, depending on the facility that performed the repair, as car dealers tend to charge higher than regular auto repair shops but you can almost guarantee a quality service and genuine parts. It can even go as high as $1,000 plus depending on the car’s make, model, and year.

Some of the exhaust leak repair quotations per type of vehicle are broken down below:

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Do-it Yourself

If you have a basic knowledge of troubleshooting a vehicle, fixing a leaking exhaust manifold can be a piece of cake. All you need to do is to replace the faulty gasket that causes the leak.

The process is relatively simple. You will be needing some tools like wrenches or deep sockets in order to remove the manifold, remove the traces of the gasket to be replaced.

What are Included

The cost to repair exhaust leak typically comprises of the labor fee which eats up about 70% to 80% of the total repair costs.

The rest of the prices are attributable to the parts used and the tools or machinery involved in the repair.

A warranty is also included which typically covers in terms of mileage and period. Typical warranties in vehicle repairs are 24,000 miles or 24 months whichever comes first for the labor can be also the same for the parts depending on the repair shop but some can even give a lifetime warranty depending on the quality of parts installed.

Additional Costs

If you have neglected your vehicle’s exhaust leak for so long that the damage it has caused is beyond repair, you might find yourself spending on the replacement cost. 

Considering the labor fee involved in the installation of the parts of exhaust, you are in for a huge spending. To give you an idea, a Ford Escape manifold replacement alone would cost around $857 to $1,869 for the parts and labor.

And in case you are wondering if the exhaust leak repair cost is covered by vehicle insurance, generally speaking, they don’t. And that’s applicable to all regular maintenance repairs. That’s unless you could provide any proof that the damage has been brought about by an accident. Otherwise, you can kiss your claim goodbye.

But you could find some vehicle insurance provider who could go the extra mile to impress a new client and would agree to include these repairs at an additional fee, of course.

Shopping for Exhaust Leak Repair

If your vehicle currently suffers exhaust system leak, better have it checked by professionals at the first sign of the issue. Most vehicle shops can address this kind of problem so you can just walk in at your nearest repair shops.

But if you only want the best to touch your car, you can always rely on Goodyear Service Centers to attend to your every need. Find one of their service centers near you through their locator.

You can also check out the to get an instant quote from the best mechanics near your area.

Factors Affecting Exhaust Leak Repair Cost

  • Make, model and year – the price of leak repair differs per year manufactured and per type of vehicle as each has its own level of difficulty in accessing and repairing them.
  • Labor – you could find a lot of mechanics and repair shops that would package the repair to include the price of labor and parts at a fixed price. But there are also those who would charge the labor fee per hour. This would usually take around two to three hours to complete, with a cost ranging from $80 to $90 per hour.
  • Severity – how much to fix exhaust leak depends on how bad the condition is. The reason why it is necessary to address the issue at the first sign of it is to prevent a bigger problem which translates to bigger expenses.
  • Location – where such repair was performed also has an effect on the exhaust leak repair price due to cost of living and cost of doing business in that particular area.
  • Auto repair shop – your choice of the repair shop or dealership would also affect the costing as these facilities have different pricing schemes depending on the quality of services they offer as well as their overall reputation.
  • DIY or hire a pro – if you have the skill for a basic troubleshooting, you can do the exhaust leak repair yourself and save on spending on labor cost.

When Is It Time

Rule of thumb if your vehicle is suffering from exhaust leak is to have it checked and repaired at the first warning sign. This is because most likely that you as the person behind the wheel would be the one to first recognize signs and symptoms that your resident mechanic may fail to see even during regular maintenance check-ups.

The following are the tell-tale signs of a leaking exhaust system:

  • The engine is creating an abnormal noise – since your mechanic tends to handle many cars during his career, ranging from very old models to the top of the line, he may have difficulty finding the difference between the normal and abnormal noise unless he only works for you. When you hear a different sound from your engine, call for help ASAP.
  • Vibrating gas pedals – when you drive every day, you can feel even the slightest difference or change in the way your gas pedal feels as you stomp on it. If it somehow starts to rumble in an otherwise smooth driving road, then you might probably need its exhaust system checked.
  • Dropping fuel efficiency – the drop in the mileage your vehicle could run per quantity of fuel input may be a sign of several engine issue but you could only pray that it is not from leaking exhaust as it could sometimes be fatal at worst when the toxic fumes find their way into the inside of your vehicle when left untreated and you don’t want that.

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