How Much Does an Enterprise Car Rental Insurance Cost?

Enterprise is one of the largest car rental companies in the US. Most travelers who’d like to travel the country by a private vehicle turn to such establishments. The choices are wide ranging as you can rent SUVs, trucks, vans, minivans, and even exotic cars!

The price of an Enterprise car rental will depend on the vehicle type you prefer, your location, and itinerary. That said, the costs greatly vary.

But aside from the rental fee itself, the company also offers protection to the vehicles you rent. That said, how much does Enterprise Car Rental Insurance cost?

Average Enterprise Car Rental Insurance Cost

Your total Enterprise Car Rental Insurance cost will depend on what you choose to purchase. Typically, you will be offered several options when you rent a car from the company. The selection includes:

  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Coverage (PEC)
  • Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP)
  • Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP)

Aside from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Insurance price, you might also spend on a Damage Waiver (DW).

Personal Accident Insurance and Personal Effects Coverage

The Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) provides benefits for the renter and their passengers. The PAI will cover part of the expenses on accidental death, medical, and ambulance.

The Personal Effects Coverage (PEC), on the other hand, will protect from risks of loss and damage the following:

  • Personal effects of renter
  • Additional driver/s
  • Any member of the renter’s immediate family (who permanently resides in the renter’s household, as well as those who are traveling with them)

The price for the PAI/PEC averages between $5 and $11 per day. The exact cost will depend on your location.

Supplemental Liability Protection

The Supplemental Liability Protection, similar to other insurance products, will be offered to you at the time of rental. The SLP aims to provide you as well as your authorized drivers with up to $1 million combined single limit. You can use it for third party liability claims.

The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Insurance price for SLP is about $9.99 to $15.50 a day. Again, the exact amount you’ll be paying will depend on your location.

Road Assistance Protection (RAP)

According to Enterprise, the RAP will allow renters to waive financial responsibility for the following:

  • Lost keys
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel outages

The above incidents are normally chargeable but may be waived by the said insurance product.

You can add the said product to online bookings or to a rental ticket anytime. That said, remember to return first to the designated renting location if you’re adding RAP mid-way of your rental.

Damage Waiver

Enterprise says that the Damage Waiver is not a type of insurance. That said, DW also offers protection to the car renter. Specifically, DW will make the company itself waive or reduce the renter’s responsibility for loss or damage of a rental vehicle. Some of the conditions covered by DW include:

  • Towing
  • Storage
  • Loss of use
  • Administrative fees

The cost for a Damage Waiver ranges from $8.99 to $29.99 per day. The price you’ll have to pay depends on your location and the type of your rental vehicle.


Aside from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Insurance price, you also need to know if you actually need to purchase a product from the company. Some of the considerations you should think about include:

Your existing car insurance

  • Enterprise reiterates in its web page that its products may duplicate the policies from your personal insurance. To avoid such redundancy, you should first check the coverage of your existing plan.
  • Aside from personal insurance, your credit card may also provide some coverage for your rental car. Similarly, you should check with your provider to make sure you do not duplicate any product.

Your travel insurance

  • If you’re not from the US, you should check your travel insurance policies. This type usually covers only the excess costs and rarely overlaps with Enterprise products. Still, it’s best to check and compare the protection offered by both companies.

Your willingness to pay in exchange for protection

  • Coverage from car rental companies in the US can add up to $30 per day. If you’re renting a car for a few days, that will become a considerable addition to the overall costs. That said, some travelers are willing to pay that much just for the peace of mind. If you’re one of them, you can always go ahead and purchase an Enterprise coverage. But do always check first so you can avoid unnecessary expenses.

The company may offer you lower insurance rates if you have documentation for the following conditions:

  • If you had an accident
  • You are insured
  • If you are not filing a claim

Additional Costs

Aside from the insurance costs and rental fee, renting a car from Enterprise may incur the following additional expenses:

Age Surcharge

  • The company charges an underage fee for renters 21-24 years old. The surcharge runs around $15 a day (exclusive of local tax).
  • It is important to note that renters within the above age bracket can only rent from economy to full-size cars.

Fee for Additional Drivers

  • The typical fee for each additional driver is $10 per day. The exact price varies depending on your location.
  • Additional drivers who are exempted from paying the said fee include:
    • Authorized drivers including the spouse or domestic partner of the renter (who can meet the rental requirements)
    • A surrogate driver for a mobility impaired renter

As a reminder, you can only rent a car from Enterprise if you meet the following requirements:

  • Renting location’s minimum age requirements
  • A valid driver’s license
  • An acceptable form of payment (may be cash, credit card, or debit card, depending on your location)
  • A deposit (required in some states)

Remember that car rental companies are prohibited by law to require any renter to buy their insurance products. For instance, Enterprise can’t refuse to rent you a vehicle if you don’t buy a PAI or PEC. That said, you should report any instances when a company forces you to purchase an insurance.

Acquiring protection for your rental vehicle will save you a lot of hassle. However, make sure that you will be able to use the products you paid for.

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