How Much Does a Dump Truck Rental Cost?

Dump trucks allow you to move a heavy load from one location to another. They can be used for different purposes. You can use a dump truck when doing a house renovation project, landscaping, construction work, or moving junk. You can fill the truck with gravel, sand, soil, stones, or any voluminous amount of material.

But dump trucks are quite expensive to buy so if you are not going to need it for a long time, it is best that you just rent one. You can rent a dump truck from your local trucking company. Just make sure that the specifications of their vehicles fit your transportation need. So now, let us talk about the cost to rent a dump truck.

Average Cost of Dump Truck Rental

Dump truck rental rates vary according to the duration that you will be needing it. There are daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. Looking at the rates of different trucking companies in different states, we got these figure of $387 on a daily basis.

Trucking companies also offer weekly and monthly rates if you are going to need the dump truck for a longer period of time. The average weekly dump truck rental fee is $1,636. Monthly would be $4,606.

SK Water Truck LLC in California offers a daily rate of $250, a weekly rate of $900, and a monthly rate of $2,450. Meanwhile, Quinn Co. Rental also in California, offers daily dump truck rental rates for $635, a weekly rate of $2,735, and a monthly rate of $8,490.

truck unloading on dump yard

What are Included

Basically, the money covers just the dump truck, fuel, and delivery of the unit to the job site. But there are trucking companies that offer other inclusions in their packages.

Premier Truck Rental in Fort Wayne, Indiana offers convenience features when renting their vehicles.  Renters can avail of under bed stored ramps, secure tool storage, tarp kit, spare tire, combo barn door or spreader gate. Their dump truck rental rates also include the use of their fold-down landscape sides, coal chutes, hitch, and strobe packages to make it more convenient for you and your crew to get the job done.

Additional Expenses

First and foremost, if you cannot drive a dump truck, you need to hire a qualified and licensed driver.  The average per hour of dump truck drivers is $15.

You also have to shoulder refueling cost and taxes that need to be paid.  If your dump truck rental rate just comes with the basic package, you have to provide the materials and equipment that you would need to be able to transport the materials from one place to another.

Another important added cost to consider is getting a protection plan. Herc Rentals offers a Rental Protection Plan to their customers. It’ll be about 15% of your gross rental rate. Having this plan assures their customers that if there is a need for repairs or replacement during instances of damages or theft at the time of rental period, their out-of-pocket expenses will not exceed $500 or 10% of the cost, whichever is less.

Shopping for Dump Truck Rental

You can check your local trucking companies if you want to rent a dump truck. RentalYard can also help you locate a dump truck rental company near you. They also have published rates and specifications for the vehicles of some companies to give you an idea on whom to contact that would fit your needs and budget.

Factors That Matters

There are different factors that affect dump truck rental rates. As seen above, the rates can vary according to the duration that you would need its services. They also depend on the trucking company and how they package their dump truck service. Lastly, the rates depend on the specifications of the dump truck that you will rent.

  • Duration – Companies offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates for your truck rental. This would depend on how long you will need the dump truck to finish your project. The daily fee would be cheaper if you will rent it for a longer period of time. For example, L & M Truck Sales has daily rates of $375. Their weekly rental rate is $1,500, which will give you a daily rate of $300 if you will use it for 5 days or even as low as $214 if you will use it for the whole 7 days. Their monthly rate is $4,500 which will give us a daily rate of $225 if you will use it for 20 days or $150 if you will use it for 30 days.
  • Truck Rental Company – Each company has different rental rates that is why it is best to ask 3 or 4 truck rental companies in your area to find the best deal. Ask for inclusions in their package as this would also spell the difference in their prices. Check also how they maintain their units so that you can be assured of a good transportation service.
  • Dump Truck Specifications – Dump trucks come in different sizes, manufacturers, and models. They also have different specifications that would fit your particular requirements to get the job done.

For a light utility load, you can rent a smaller sized dump truck like a 3-4yard crew cab for a daily rate of $350. But for heavy duty hauling, you would need a bigger sized truck like a 22-24yard dump truck for a daily rental fee of $1,350.

The newer models are also more expensive to rent compared to old ones. For instance, Illinois Truck and Equipment offers their 2017 Mack Granite GU713 for a weekly rate of $2,000 and their 2008 International 7400 for $1,925 weekly.

Some companies offer discounts for new and loyal customers. Some also have a corporate membership that will entitle your company to a bigger discount and incentives. Be sure to ask the company representative about this so that you can get more value for your money.

Additional Information

Truck rental companies may require you to create an account with them before you can rent their unit especially for those renting the trucks for a longer period of time. You have to sign an agreement before they will deliver the truck to you. Be sure to understand their terms and conditions.

Renting a dump truck for your project requires you to be practical and cautious in choosing the right company and dump truck unit that would suit your transportation need. You do not have to rent the newest and biggest unit that they have in their fleet. Remember that you have other costs to consider.

Study the specifications of the unit and check what would be sufficient to get the job done. The good news is that there are some good options out there, you just need to ask around before signing a deal with the trucking company. There is a dump truck out there for every budget.

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