How Much Does a Cost Cutters Haircut Cost?

In 2016, around 58.99 million Americans visited salons and barbershops at least four times in 6 months.

Salons and barbershops like Cost Cutters are among the nation’s excellent providers of grooming and general hair care. With over 600 branches in the United States, this brand began in 1982 as a diversified family salon based on its original predecessor in Minnesota.

Among the things that continue to draw satisfied customers for 35 years are the budget-friendly haircut prices at Cost Cutters.

Cost Cutters Haircut & Other Services

Schedules can have a significant impact on the overall value of a haircut or any other hair care service. According to recent studies, Friday is the considered the busiest appointment day of the week.

In contrast, Sunday is more relaxed than any other day of the week. Anyone considering an appointment in any Cost Cutters salon in the country should take note of their schedule:

  • Monday to Friday – 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closing times may vary according to location)
  • Sunday – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (opening and closing times may vary according to location)

The standard haircut fee for adults is $16.95 while the price for children below 10 years old is $12.95. Apart from the Cost Cutters haircut price, check out the other services and their corresponding costs:

Styling & Finishing Chemical Services Facial Waxing Tanning
Shampoo & Style Finish $16.95 Color From $54.95 Eyebrows $10.00 1 Session $3.95
Style Finish with Cut $4.95 Cap Highlight From $54.95 Lip $10.00 10 Sessions $29.95
Beard or Bang Trim $4.95 Full Foil From $64.95 Eyebrows & Lip $18.00 1 Month Unlimited $39.95
Updo From $29.95 Perm From $54.95 Full Facial $27.00

Cost Cutters Discount & Coupons

Compared to the usual amount of money Americans spend for a haircut, the standard Cost Cutters haircut price is nearly more than twice cheaper for a relatively similar (or even better) quality of services provided by other salons. But like any company that defines success in terms of customer satisfaction, Cost Cutters also offer rebates and promotions.

A particular advantage all customers can utilize is the email subscription of the Cost Cutter website. Not only do customers get updates and newsletters after signing up, they also $2 off for their next haircut or wax service.

But when it really goes down to value, there is one question that sounds even better than how much is a haircut at Cost Cutters? A smart customer must always ask: how much advantage can I enjoy from the coupons offered by Cost Cutters?

Considering the vast coverage of Cost Cutters in North America, there are plenty of websites where one can acquire these discount vouchers. Examples of these sources include the following:

  • Groupon
  • Good Search
  • Retail Me Not
  • Offers
  • Coupon Sherpa
  • Deal Catcher
  • Money Saves Big
  • Chameleon John
  • Valpak
  • Everafter Guide

Here are the following examples of promo vouchers one can avail exclusively in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois locations effective only until November 30, 2017:

$2 Off $3.50 Off   $60 Cut & Color   $7 Wax   $5 Off
$10 minimum service purchase $10 minimum product purchase Receive a haircut and full color $7 wax with any service Any tanning package
Code: WEB2 Code: WEB350 Code: WEBCUTCOL Code: WEBWAX Code: WEB5T

Hair Care Products by Cost Cutters (DIY)

The costs of various hair care services at Cost Cutters are among the principal aspects that make this salon a place relatively close to the customers’ hearts. But the love for consumerism is taken an extra mile further by featuring quality products manufactured by its mother company – the Regis Salons.

Proud of their own tools of the trade, stylists working in Cost Cutters exclusively rely on their own umbrella company’s hair care products. While any sort of hair care service can yield good results, there are certain customers who prefer to take grooming and styling into their own hands. As popularly quoted in mass media and literature, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.”

Anyone who is skilled enough to replicate a hairstylist’s handiwork is free to do so. For those who prefer a more DIY approach to hair care and maintenance, take note of the following products sold at any Cost Cutters salon designated under the product label Designline by Regis:


This category has three feature items. Clarify ShampooUltimate Radiance Shampoo, and Ultimate Radiance Conditioner are all formulated to make hair look lustrous and full of life. The latter two contains auxiliary enhancing elements.

Color Care

This category has four feature items. Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner are generally designed to preserve hair color against the natural elements (e.g. ultraviolet rays). Super Silver Shampoo and Super Silver Conditioner are formulated to enhance color-treated hair.

Healthy Hair

This category has four feature items. Cashmere Kera-forte Fortifying Shampoo and Enchanted Shampoo are both designed to repair and revitalize hair, with the latter emphasizing sulfate-free formula. Cashmere Kera-forte Fortifying Conditioner and Enchanted Conditioner are formulated for hair damage protection, with the latter emphasizing the concoction of gold ash.


This category has five feature items. Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner is a sulfate-free mixture that is primarily designed to revitalize and rehydrate dry and damaged hair. Hydrating Balm is formulated for hair restoration and prevention of split ends. Normal Care Leave-in Conditioner gently detangles matted hair. Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner maintains moisture and prevents hair color deterioration. Olive Oil Hair Masque and Leave-In Conditioner soothe and strengthens hair while imbuing it with a natural defense against potential damage via heat-styling.

Tea Tree

This category has two feature items. Both the Tea Tree Shampoo and Tea Tree Conditioner provide the essential benefits of shampoo and conditioner exclusively based on tea tree extracts.


This category has two feature items. Both the Expandability Shampoo and Expandability Conditioner provide the essential benefits of shampoo and conditioner but emphasizing on their ability to seal hair volume for long-lasting lift and power.

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