How Much Does It Cost To Copy a Key?

As an owner of a house or a car, it is a hassle and inconvenience when you are locked out because you can’t find your keys. To fix the problem, you will probably need a locksmith to unlock the property which is expensive especially for a service call. Therefore, it is important to have spare copies in case of emergency and to avoid spending more than usual.

With the advancement of the technology, some locks are even coded or programmable. The cost of duplicating a key depends on the equipment used to copy, type of key to be duplicated, and the design.

Average Key Copy Price

The key copy cost for a standard residential key is around $1 to $7 depending on the design, type of key and the service provider. For high-security keys that are coded or programmed, the rate will increase to around $11 to $70.

Meanwhile, for automotive key duplication, the cost is around $4 to $300 depending on the model of car, type of lock and key.

Shopping for a Key Duplication

Key cutting or duplication is available at the local hardware store, locksmiths and even in a kiosk. The most popular means of copying a key is through kiosk machines because of how convenient they are. They are available in most of the major stores such as Walmart, Costco, and Lowe’s.

High-security lock or key cards are also duplicable depending on the service provider. For key bob duplication, the cost is around $15 to $20 at CloneMyKey. Meanwhile, SimpleKeyCopy provides key bob duplication including the programming that costs around $60 and $30 for additional copies.

Blank keys are also available at Walmart which have the price of $1 to $60 depending on the type of key and design.



The minuteKEY kiosks are available throughout the country in places such as Walmart. The machine can identify the key if it is applicable for duplication. Unfortunately, the mode of payment is only through a credit card and as of now, car keys or “Do Not Duplicate” keys are not duplicable in the kiosk. The duplication will only take at least one minute and the final product has a guarantee if it does not work. There is a 30 days period to refund the key.

The average is $2 for one key or $1.33 per key with a minimum of three keys. There are also keys with designs which cost around $2 to $6 per key.

Also, the machine can only duplicate keys such as Kwikset (KW1 and KW10), Schlage (SC1), Weiser (WR3 and WR5), Baldwin, Titan and Padlock key Masterlock M1.


Another alternative for locksmiths is a phone application called KeyMe. The application is capable to store scanned copies of your keys which can be used to duplicate the key through a kiosk or to be delivered directly to your home. The KeyMe kiosk is available at major superstores and convenience stores.

The digital copy of the keys can be kept secured at the cloud storage of the KeyMe and can be shared by the other family members as a backup copy. They also provide a various design of the key to choose from and produce a more accurate copy of the key in comparison to a local locksmith.

The company also provides a guarantee in a form of refund or replacing the key that does not work with a brand new one.


Hill Billy Cycle provides various locksmith services such as lockout, installation of locks, and key duplication. The duration of the turnaround varies from 3 to 10 days depending on the type of service. The list below depicts the key cutting services and fees for the different type of keys.

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Always Safe and Lock was established in 1982 which provides security and locksmith solutions in Washington. The company specialized in installing locks, security system, residential and commercial security. The company’s technicians are accredited by the manufacturers of the different security system and guarantee the quality of the workmanship of the service provided.

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The duplication of car keys is quite expensive and complex depending on the model of the car. The type of lock can also affect the overall cost of duplicating the car keys, especially for RFID keys.

The service providers require identification as a security measure before duplicating any type of keys. Payless Car Keys provides an affordable duplicate of car keys for any brand in the range of $60 to $300.

Meanwhile, American Best Locksmith is a licensed and insured locksmith company that provides various locksmith services for automotive, residential and commercial purposes. Their technicians also have a high liability insurance policy as a guarantee to the quality of the workmanship. The rate is around $120 to $220 for non-prox keys only.

Additional Information

Spare keys are necessary especially in case of emergency or losing all the copies. The cost of replacing the keys is expensive and inconvenient.

First of all, technicians are required to go to the area to unlock the security system and to copy directly from the lock to create a replacement. Most of the service providers charge extra for the service call depending on the location and time of the day.

Also, service providers will ask for the credentials and documents that will help them identify you as the owner of the property before conducting any service.The money to be spent can even reach from $500 up to $2,000 depending on the manufacturer and model of the car.

Therefore, it is important to keep at least one or two spare keys. You can also use key chains that help you locate the keys easily or to keep them secure.

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