How Much Does CKO Kickboxing Cost?

Say goodbye to Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs Dance Fat Burning Workout videos because there is this one place that claims to be doing so much more fat burning cardio workout than any other known fitness exercise combined.

Kickboxing as a sport tends to be a serious workout at the gym with the goal of honing the skills further and improving stamina. But with CKO boxing, it makes the sport more enjoyable as you melt your fats away.

The CKO Kickboxing or the Central Kickboxing Organization is currently one of the most popular forms of kickboxing in America.

Under the supervision of a professional trainer, you would be allowed to kick and punch your heart out through the heavy punching bags, until you literally sweat away those calories you so wanted to shed. With up to 1,200 calories burned per hour claim, the CKO Kickboxing truly is one of the more exciting and reliable fitness partners to achieve the optimum health and ideal weight goals.

But being this well-known sports facility in the country, with more and more investors wanting to try out owning a franchise of CKO Kickboxing, you would expect prices to be somewhat different across all franchises.

With this in mind, you would be interested to know how much does CKO kickboxing cost as a reference point.

Average Cost of CKO Kickboxing

The CKO kickboxing prices vary depending on the location and the franchise as each is individually managed and therefore, you could expect different pricing depending on how each owner run their business.

Reported costs range somewhere between $35 and $150 for the monthly membership fees with discounts being given when you sign up for a longer duration of membership.

According to, the average CKO kickboxing membership fees are the following:

Single (Monthly)

Initiation Fee – $49.99

Monthly Fee – $89.99

Cancellation Fee – $199.99

Single (Annually)

Initiation Fee – $49.99

Annual Fee – $1,079.99

Cancellation Fee – $199.99

Dual (Two Adults) – Monthly

Initiation Fee – $99.99

Monthly Fee – $159.99

Cancellation – Fee $399.99

Dual (Two Adults) – Annually

Initiation Fee – $99.99

Annual Fee – $1,907.99

Cancellation Fee – $399.99

On the other hand, the reported the following estimate of the CKO kickboxing prices:


  • Initiation Fee $49.99
  • 1-Month Commitment Monthly Fee – $139.00
  • 3-Month Commitment Monthly Fee – $99.00
  • 1-Year Commitment Monthly Fee – $69.00
  • Annual Membership $500 to $850.00

Two Adults

  • Initiation Fee – $99.00
  • Monthly Dues – $99.00 to $195.00
  • Annual – $1,958.00

For cancellation, there is a charge of $199.00 and $399.00 for two adults

Comparing the two sets of price lists above would give you an idea how the CKO Kickboxing fees per facilities differ in price so be sure to inquire with the branch you are interested to sign up with.

What are Included

Before you sign up, the instructors would typically ask what type of membership you intend to enroll so they may be able to design their program according to the duration of your stay as a member.

A membership at Kickboxing entitles you to unlimited sessions at their centers. As mentioned, an hour of a session can burn up to 1,200 depending on your pace and how rigid your workout is which is also dependent on your stamina. But a single session typically lasts around 45 minutes to an hour so it is up to you if you can join more than one session at a time to achieve maximum calories burned.

The first session would usually include the teaching of the basic movements in kickboxing such as the kicking and punching with timing. As you progress, the level of difficulty also advances but the pace would depend solely on you as you would have a no-pressure work out at CKO, unless you specifically asked to be disciplined especially if you have a timeline of your fitness goal.

Each session starts with a thorough warm-up, followed by the full-exercise session, and then the cooling down period.

Their gym equipment and facilities include the following:

  • Punching bags – they are used to improve strength and stamina.
  • Speed bags – as the name suggests, are used to improve speed. They are the smaller version of the punching bags that also develop coordination and timing.
  • Banana bags – these are used for the low kicks and knee strikes.

You may also see some CKO branches which offer group and children’s kickboxing classes depending on the demand for those kinds of classes. So if you plan to workout in groups or you want to enroll your kids to the sport and workout you enjoy and teach them the importance of health and fitness, you better check out some of the branches offering them.

CKO Kickboxing 10-Week Challenge Program

They also have the so-called 10-Week Challenge Program which is similar to the “Biggest Loser Challenge” on TV but with the twist and a fee, and less the TV coverage of course.

The rules are simple and are summarized as follows:

  • The CKO Kickboxing would establish the start and end dates of the 10-week challenge.
  • As a participant, you would be required to take a before, during, and after photos of yourself.
  • You would also need to take before and after measurements and weight.
  • You would need to pay a participation fee depending on the CKO rules but used to be $650 in 2015 for participants who are not members of CKO Kickboxing yet. For valued members, discounted joining fees are offered, usually more than 50% of the original price, depending on the type of membership.

For more details and schedule of the latest 10-week program, sign up with them as a prospective participant to get notified.

Additional Costs

Depending on the location, CKO kickboxing usually allows you to work out in some of their branches when you are currently enrolled in other location. Just be mindful that some branches might charge an additional fee ranging from $5 up to $20 for using their facilities when you are enrolled in a different one. Some branch won’t so just be ready just in case.

An initiation fee may also be part of your bill which can range from $25 up to $99 depending on the branch. But these can be waived when you availed through a promotional campaign.

Committing into one of their longer membership would give you a more cost-efficient work out due to cheaper monthly fees but may also cause you to pay more if you ever change your mind as the cancellation fee may also be expensive. Cancellation dues range around $199 up to $399 or depending on how much months are left on your membership.

Shopping for CKO Kickboxing

When looking for a branch near you, you can use the CKO Kickboxing’s own locator.

If you have not yet made up your mind and would not want to commit to membership early on, you might want to avail their Free CKO Kickboxing Trial Class which is only available to first-time guests. Just sign up for each club’s schedule by going there 15-20 minutes before the scheduled class time. The program would teach you the basics of kickboxing so you could gauge yourself if kickboxing workout is the right one for you before committing to a full membership.

Their centers usually open from 5:30 AM up to 8:00 PM but can vary depending on the location and are open seven days a week. Some locations are open up to 9:30 PM on some days.

You may check out CKO Kickboxing’s promotional deals from from time to time such as three kickboxing classes worth $119.97 at a discounted price of $29.99 only, or six kickboxing classes worth $239.94 at a discounted price of $49.99 only.

Factors Affecting CKO Kickboxing Cost

Branch – as mentioned, all their branches across the country are individually owned so expect varying CKO kickboxing membership fees depending on the management of a particular franchise.

Location – if you find some of the branches within one state offering different rates, then expect this to be even more possible with different locations because of the varying levels of cost of doing business and cost of living between each individual state, city, and county.

Single or dual membership – when working out alone is not your cup of tea, then asking someone else like a husband to be your gym buddy not only helps you alleviate awkwardness but can also save you some cost.

Commitment – longer membership commitment would normally yield greater savings from the fees if you spread the total fee per month rather than paying on a monthly basis.

Insurance – gym memberships as a form of recreation are not typically covered by insurance but some insurance would be willing to cover up to few sessions per month as a form of keeping healthy and away from illness. Talk to your insurance provider or your employer’s Human Resources for the possible coverage.

Advanced payment – aside from the savings when you commit to a full-year membership, CKO Kickboxing also offers some discounts when you pay well in advance.

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