How Much Does Chlamydia Treatment Cost?

One of the most common STDs affecting a large part of the American population is Chlamydia. It is one of those infections that do not normally show any symptom, and so treatment is never sought in the early stages of the disease.

It is therefore highly advised that when you have multiple partners, you get yourself tested to determine whether you have it or not.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), women under 25, and older women with risk factors need testing at least once per year.

Chlamydia infection

And if you tested positive for Chlamydia, never fret because it can easily be cured within a few days by antibiotics like Zithromax, doxycycline, or erythromycin.

But how much does Chlamydia treatment cost?

Chlamydia Treatment preparation

Average Cost of Chlamydia Treatment

Chlamydia can easily be cured by taking antibiotics for a span of seven days or so, depending on your physician’s prescription. Your total cost would be highly dependent especially on the number of days you are supposed to take antibiotics.

In the market, prices for five tablets of branded Zithromax (250mg) is about $84 to $87. Walmart sells it at around $84.62 and Rite-Aid sells it at about $87.80. On the same note, generic Zithromax would be around $10.30 (Target) to about $18.93 (Rite-Aid) for five 250mg tablets.

Another kind of antibiotic used to treat Chlamydia is doxycycline which costs around $30.93 for a pack of 20 capsules while generic erythromycin are available for around $34.98 for a pack of 30 tablets.

You should also consider the laboratory tests which could cost you around $89 from STD Check. Another option for lab testing is that being offered by MyLabBox, a method by which you can have yourself tested in the comforts of your own home.

As per their website, gonorrhea/Chlamydia testing is priced at $79. In this manner of testing, you are required to mail the samples and you are sent the results via email after a few days.

Having considered such factors, the average would range from about $90 to $170.

What is Included

Chlamydia treatment usually include laboratory tests which would determine whether you are infected or not. The testing is done by taking urine samples from you.

After being diagnosed with having Chlamydia, you will be given prescriptions for antibiotics – usually Zithromax, doxycycline, or erythromycin. The prescription would last about five days or seven days, after which another test is done to ensure you no longer have the disease.

Additional Costs

An additional test for Chlamydia is needed to make sure that you are completely cured. Aside from the antibiotics and the initial testing, prepare to pay for another round of laboratory tests. This would cost you from nothing if you go to clinics that offer free STD testing to about $90.

Taking Zithromax has side effects like a mild headache and/or skin rashes. A headache remedy usually costs around $10 to $30 while skin rashes can be addressed by getting yourself some cream which would be about $7 to $34.

And if you are allergic to certain antibiotics or if you are pregnant, you may be given a different kind like ofloxacin. This would cost you about $60.36 for a 5-milliliter dosage to around $97.46 for a 10-milliliter solution.

Shopping for Chlamydia Treatment

When looking for a gynecologist who can diagnose whether you have the disease or not, you may check out the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AGOC) gynecologist locator. You can search for a medical specialist by using any of the following information: state, zip code, or the specific name of a gynecologist if you already have someone in mind.

You can also get yourself tested by publicly-run clinics which would be relatively cheaper. They could be cheaper, or even free like the clinics you find at the Free STD Check Org which has numerous locations across the United States. Planned Parenthood also offers less expensive testing options.

You can also compare prices of antibiotics by checking out GoodRx. Aside from giving you the capacity to compare costs, they also have coupons which you can print out and present to the pharmacy for discounts ranging from $10 to $16.

Factors Affecting Cost of Chlamydia Treatment

One of the factors is when you decide to take branded antibiotics or choose generic. For example, five tablets of branded Zithromax from Walmart costs $16.92 per piece while generic Zithromax from the same store costs $2.19.

Your average cost of Chlamydia treatment is also influenced by where you go for the laboratory tests. There are organizations that offer free STD testing like Take Control, a clinic in Philadelphia. The states of Alaska, Maryland, and Washington DC also provide free at-home testing for Chlamydia. Planned Parenthood has cheaper options but if you feel like exploring, some clinics usually charge about $79 to $87 for the testing.

Most insurance providers cover laboratory testing and treatment for Chlamydia. When you have insurance, expect to only pay the doctor’s fees and the copay for the prescribed drugs. You may want to check with your insurance provider first before getting tested to see how much they cover.

Purchasing in bulk also decreases the price of antibiotics. For example, a Zithromax 250mg costs $1.55 if you buy a 30-pill pack. Getting a 60-pill pack would cost you $67.42 or $1.12 per capsule while a 90-pill pack costs $50.57 or $0.98 per pill.

Additional Information

Chlamydia, when left untreated, could lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or PID for women which can damage the uterus and can lead to infertility.

For men with Chlamydia, this could lead to the inflammation of the prostate gland, or the inflammation of the coiled tube.

Take all the medicines as prescribed. Do not stop taking it if you are already feeling better. There is a chance that you are not yet 100% cured and so this poses possibilities of a relapse.

Also, make sure to avoid intimacy with your partner while taking antibiotics for Chlamydia. Your partner should also be tested just to be sure he/she does not have it as well.

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