How Much Does a CV Joint Replacement Cost?

cv joint

How Much Does CV Joint Replacement Cost? For those who are not familiar with the CV joints or constant velocity joints, for starters, all front-wheel-drive cars have them on both ends of the drive shafts, although there are also rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles that have them. There are two types of CV joints, the … Read more

How Much Does a Power Window Repair Cost?

Car windows are designed to give you convenience whenever you need them to roll up or down. They are your way of access outside the vehicle when opening the door would pose an inconvenience and they are also your protection against outside forces like the rain, smoke, dirt, and even against the “bad guys”. When … Read more

How Much Does An Alignment Cost?

cost of car alignment

Have you noticed anything wrong with your car? Like how your tires wear out, showing more signs of usage in the outside edges? Or maybe you’ve noticed how your car keeps drifting to one side of the road or your steering wheel won’t stay in the center, even when you think you’re driving straight? Does … Read more

How Much Does a Vinyl Car Wrap Cost?

Cost to vinyl wrap a car

Have you ever wondered how they put those colorful advertisements in trains, buses, and other vehicles? You might have imagined how creative whoever put those as you might think they painted them directly on the vehicle’s body. Well, that is not exactly the case. With the ever-changing technology which put a premium on anything that … Read more

How Much Does Car Painting Cost?

cost to do paint job on a car

Cars may last forever, but paint may just last five years. You have perhaps begun noticing that there is a couple of wear showing within and outer of your car. Its color starts to fade and the building up of dirt, scratches, and nicks ages it. Fortunately, you can constantly replace a new coat of … Read more

How Much Does a Suspension Repair Cost?

Cost for replacing or repairing car suspension

Isn’t it a wonder to you why some vehicle owners and their passengers can sip a cup of coffee freely inside their vehicle while you cannot do so? It is either they have a new car or they have excellent suspension system maintenance. The suspension system is made up of ball joints, shock absorbers, and … Read more

How Much Does an Exhaust Leak Repair Cost?

Cost for repairing an exhaust leak of car

Owning a car can be one’s ultimate dream, besides, of course, owning a house. But unlike a house that you can get by without repairing any damaged parts either temporarily or otherwise because of the issues of time and money and still be habitable, the same can’t be true in the case of vehicles. Not … Read more

How Much Does a Car Alarm Installation Cost?

Cost for installing car alarm

Gone are the days when you can go to sleep peacefully without worrying about someone barging at your home in the middle of the night or you can leave the house without locking the doors. When you can park your cars anywhere, not worrying whether it would still be there or not after a few … Read more

How Much Does A Coil Pack Replacement Cost?

Cost of coil pack replacement

A matchstick does not light up on its own. It needs to be struck against a rough surface so it can generate heat to form the fire. This is exactly what an ignition coil do. Your vehicle does not start on its own. It needs an induction coil in order to convert the battery’s low … Read more

How Much Does a Tune Up Cost?

Cost of doing an engine tune up

If you continue ignoring the subtle hints your vehicle is showing you, chances are, you would get caught up with its myriad of issues and by the time that you realize a trip to the auto repair shop is no longer inevitable, you’d find yourself paying for the major repairs almost half the original purchase … Read more