How Much Does Rotor Turning Cost?

rotors of a car

Imagine driving your car one day when all of a sudden you hear a squealing or squeaking noise from your car. You may be wondering what causes it but just so you know, your car is already sending you a message. Head straight to a mechanic near you as the squeaking and squealing just means … Read more

How Much Do EZ-GO Golf Carts Cost?

EZ-GO Golf Cart vector image

If you are a person who fancies playing golf, then you must be tired of lugging your golf clubs around or walking a great distance to reach the next course. Whether it’d be a friendly game or a full 18-course competition, a better source of mobility would surely enhance your gameplay and make the competition … Read more

How Much Does a Bumper Repair Cost?

car Bumper Repair

So your bumper’s dented, or damaged. Whatever the case may be, you need to have it fixed. Whether you do it yourself or you ask a professional to handle the fixing, repairing your damaged or dented bumper would entail costs. Now, you may certainly be wondering how much the cost of bumper repair is. It … Read more

How Much Does A Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

motorcycle illustrated image

So, you just bought a two-wheel drive and you cannot wait to hit the road. But wait, do you have a motorcycle insurance already? Well, if you do not have it yet, keep your vehicle parked until you get yourself a deal with your insurance provider. Are you wondering about the insurance price for a … Read more

How Much Does Flushing a Transmission Cost?

Cost of Transmission Flush

The automatic or manual transmission gears are responsible for delivering power to the wheels.The lubricants are essential to protect the bearings, gears, and shaft from wear and tear.  Fluid change cannot completely drain out the old oil in the system. At most, fluid change can only change about 20%-40% of the total volume. It is … Read more

How Much Do Motor Mounts Cost?

Car's motor mount installation

Have you seen a running motor or engine that is unmounted from the main body of a vehicle? You must have noticed that the vibrations are intense that you cannot hold the engine still without feeling the violent shake all over your body. Have you wondered why none of those shaking can be felt when … Read more

How Much Does Shocks and Struts Replacement Cost?

Car shocks replacement

Engines of any kind are typically noisy and can cause vigorous vibrations. And not all roads are smooth and you could encounter really bad ones on your journey. But why do you barely notice them when you are behind the wheels? That is because there are parts of the vehicles that make it possible. These … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Car Overseas?

car shipping

Have you ever wondered how a bulky item such as a vehicle could possibly be transported abroad? Well, there is no rocket science involved if you are thinking along that line. All it takes is sufficient amount of money on your part to cover the cost of shipping and all documentation required from the point … Read more

How Much Does a CV Joint Replacement Cost?

cv joint

How Much Does CV Joint Replacement Cost? For those who are not familiar with the CV joints or constant velocity joints, for starters, all front-wheel-drive cars have them on both ends of the drive shafts, although there are also rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles that have them. There are two types of CV joints, the … Read more

How Much Does a Power Window Repair Cost?

Car windows are designed to give you convenience whenever you need them to roll up or down. They are your way of access outside the vehicle when opening the door would pose an inconvenience and they are also your protection against outside forces like the rain, smoke, dirt, and even against the “bad guys”. When … Read more