How Much Does It Cost To Get a US Passport?

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Going somewhere out of the country? Well, you need a passport to do that! If you already have one, you have to make sure it’s still valid once you travel. The US Department of State has the authority to grant and issue your passport. They also regulate the fees you need to pay so you … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mt. Everest?


Reaching the world’s highest peak is, for most climbers, an indescribable feeling. For some reason, standing at the top is both a proud and humble moment in their lives. It was an achievement acknowledged even by the government of Nepal. At the same time, it was an epiphany about how little humans are compared to … Read more

How Much Does A Trip to Bangkok Cost?

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The complete contrast between culture and development is the most fascinating about Bangkok, Thailand. A city combined with diversity in culture, infrastructures, people, and food. There are too many places to explore and every nook and cranny is a sight to see. Old temples are within the city proximity that can be reached in minutes … Read more

How Much Does a Trip To Singapore Cost?

Singapore trip cost

Singapore is one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Considering that this country’s economy relies heavily on its hectic commercial seaports, it is interesting to take note that the tourism industry is known to be a huge economic contributor. According to the Singapore Tourism Board, the total value of accumulated tourism receipts in 2016 … Read more

How Much Does a Trip to Maldives Cost?

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It’s no denying that Maldives is beautiful. In fact, it’s so beautiful that it lands on almost everyone’s bucket list. It’s a dream, a dream where the ocean meets the sky, the bungalows are over the water, and where sunrise and sunsets take your breath away. It’s a dream that lies off the Indian sub-continent … Read more

How Much Does a Trip to Ladakh Cost?

Ludakh trip cost

Traveling can be expensive and considered to be a luxury. But traveling has benefits that no other activities can provide.  A place like Ladakh offers abundant attractions and the chance to interact with different environment ranging from mountains, temples, and lakes. There are at least 46 popular tourist spots to visit in the beautiful land … Read more

How Much Does a Trip to Goa Cost?

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It has always been called the “Queen of Beaches” for its natural beauty and pristine shores. Goa, in the western coast of India, provides for families and vacationers alike the kind of holiday that cannot be found in just about any other destination. It boasts a rich history, diverse culture, succulent dishes, and UNESCO world … Read more

How Much Does a Trip To Mauritius Cost?


Beach is probably the most famous form of vacation to almost everyone, except of course if you have a fear of open seas. Most often than not, if you have a few days off at work, you do not have much to do at home and you have saved enough money for travel, you would … Read more

How Much Does a Trip To Bali Cost?

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Located within the Southeast Asian region where the best beaches in the world are located, Indonesia is one of the most favorite destinations for tourists, be it for holiday breaks, honeymoon, backpacking, and the likes. The country with the most number of islands in the world comprising of around 17,000 to 18,000, Indonesia undoubtedly would … Read more