How Much Do Jack Russells Cost

jack russel puppy

How Much Does Jack Russel Terrier Cost ? Are you looking for a compact long-distance running buddy? An adventurous breed should be right for you. Small but mighty, such as the Jack Russell. It has tremendous energy and can run for a surprisingly long period of time. Jack Russell Terriers were bred for vermin hunting. … Read more

How Much Does an Ocelot Cost

head of a wild cat

How Much Does an Ocelot Cost? If you are planning to get an Ocelot as a pet just because it’s cool, take a couple of moments to reflect on the expenses. Most cat lovers believe that the price of Ocelot is the biggest drawback, but that is just the start. Take note, the rarer the cat, the … Read more

How Much Does A Monkey Cost

Monkey walking around

How Much Does A Monkey Cost? Wanting to buy a monkey is not as easy as buying a dog, a cat, or any other domesticated animals because it is not…literally. Depending on the species, monkeys can be very dangerous animals. Although they are the nearest kin to human kind, at least based on some archeological … Read more

How Much Does Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost

cost for cleaning the teeth of a cat

How Much Does Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost? Unlike humans, newborn cats’ milk teeth come out too early and sadly, they lose them too early as well in time for the permanent teeth to come out. Because of this, taking care of their teeth is critical because no matter how the old saying goes that cats … Read more

How Much Does Boston Terrier Cost

Boston Terriers price

How Much Does Boston Terriers Cost? If you see a dog which looks so formal as if ready to attend a wedding ceremony either as a groom or as the best man, you may have just spotted a Boston Terrier. A Boston terrier is one of those breeds that are originally coming from the United … Read more

How Much Does Koala Bear Cost

Koala Bear Price

How Much Does Koala Bear Cost? Move over Teddy Bears! Can you remember the time when Teddy Bears had monopolized the stuffed toy industry? Now, a lot of animals made it to the favorite’s list when it comes to these furry and fluffy toys for all ages. Especially the koala, or popularly referred to as … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Board A Dog

Cost for putting a dog on kennel

How Much Does it Cost to Board a Dog? A dog is a man’s best friend. This is not just a popular statement or a part of a veterinary clinic’s slogan. It is actually a principle being lived by, not just by dog owners, but also by dog welfare advocates. And being treated as such … Read more

How Much Does Pet Euthanasia Cost

Cost of putting down a dog

How Much Does Pet Euthanasia Cost? A pet is part of the family, whether it is a cat or a dog. However, just like any living beings, our pets also suffer, especially when they are old. The only way to stop their suffering is euthanizing them. And unfortunately, it still comes with a price. So … Read more