How Much Do Munchkin Cats Cost?

Munchkin cat vector image

A Munchkin cat is a breed resulting in a natural genetic mutation. It is a type of cat famous for being short-legged which can possess either short hair or long hair characteristics. Munchkin is also referred to as kangaroo cat because of its short forelegs. It is also named as magpies due to its characteristic … Read more

How Much Does a Dog Microchip Cost

Dog chip image

How Much Does a Dog Microchip Cost? Pet microchipping is a key security and identification of pets throughout the country. Microchip is a transponder device that activated through the use of radio frequency and sends out identification codes to a scanner. The device has the size of a rice grain and does not require a … Read more

How Much Do Dog Vaccinations Cost?

Dog care vaccine

Dogs, as they say, are man’s best friends. It is then understandable that one doesn’t have any other wish but to have their dogs live longer and healthier. This is where vaccinations enter the picture. There are different kinds of vaccinations. One must be able to carefully identify the kinds of vaccines that suit their … Read more

How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost

golden retriever

How Much Does A Golden Retriever Cost? Thinking of owning a dog? If you’re a beginner or you want a reliable companion, one of the best breeds out there is the Golden Retriever. Friendly, intelligent, loyal, cat-friendly, and good with kids, this kind of pet is easy to handle for almost everyone. You can either … Read more

How Much Does a Pet Cremation Cost?

pet cremation cost

For some people, pets are more than just animals.  They are a part of the family – truly loved and cared for.  That is why it is especially hard when their pets die. It feels like a part of their lives is lost and will never be the same again. To honor their pet’s life … Read more

How Much Do Hedgehogs Cost?

Hedgehogs costs

A ball of sharp quills when threatened but very sociable otherwise – that is how hedgehogs are described by many. Living mostly throughout Africa and the Southern parts of Europe in centuries past, hedgehogs have already been recently gaining popularity as pets all over the world.  Commonly known for their bodies covered in quills that … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Dog

Cost of Canine Neutering

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter a Dog? Family planning is a simple but profound principle of procreation among humans. As a moral imperative, pet-loving families also apply this concept directly into managing the reproductive lifestyles of their four-legged children.  According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), about … Read more

How Much Do Jack Russells Cost?

jack russel puppy

Are you looking for a compact long-distance running buddy? An adventurous breed should be right for you. Small but mighty, such as the Jack Russell. It has tremendous energy and can run for a surprisingly long period of time. Jack Russell Terriers were bred for vermin hunting. They are courageous dogs that were made to … Read more

How Much Does an Ocelot Cost?

head of a wild cat

If you are planning to get an Ocelot as a pet just because it’s cool, take a couple of moments to reflect on the expenses. Most cat lovers believe that the price of Ocelot is the biggest drawback, but that is just the start. Take note, the rarer the cat, the greater the price. You should have … Read more

How Much Does A Monkey Cost

Monkey walking around

How Much Does A Monkey Cost? Wanting to buy a monkey is not as easy as buying a dog, a cat, or any other domesticated animals because it is not…literally. Depending on the species, monkeys can be very dangerous animals. Although they are the nearest kin to human kind, at least based on some archeological … Read more