How Much Does a Half Sleeve Tattoo Cost?

design of tattoo

Gone were the days when people with tattoos are portrayed as the bad guys. Even those with heavy tattoos were typecast as drug addicts or coke heads at one point. Originally, it was really used to be just a plain art form from the ancient times. Now, the stigma has vanished and the reputation has … Read more

JCPenney Hair Salon Prices

JCpenny haircut cost

JCPenney Hair Salon Prices Let us admit, we admire those who have had humble beginnings and grew into something big, larger than life status. Of course, people love drama and happy endings and the memories in between. And there were those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths but never stopped dreaming … Read more

How Much Do Boutonnieres Cost?

Cost of Boutonnieres, showing red rose

Real men don’t dance. Real men don’t cry. But tough guys wear pink. And flowers too. Yes, they can. And no, not the large floral shirts, please! If women have their corsages and bouquet of flowers, men have their boutonnieres. These are floral decorations typically comprised of a flower but can sometimes be just a … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Security Guard?

expense for hiring a new security guard

With so much chaos happening in the world, security is one major concern that needs to be addressed at all times.  But what makes things worse and all the more challenging is the fact that you don’t even know who you are guarding against. Even those who may seem harmless and you would not even imagine … Read more

How Much Does Raising a Child Cost?

cost of raising a child from birth

Are you planning to start your own family, to finally have kids and be a parent? You know, to nurture, love, and take care of another human being? Yes? Well, having a child is a big decision. It often raises questions like, “Am I ready?” or “Can I really raise a child?” and the most … Read more

How Much Does Manicure and Pedicure Cost?

You know that satisfying feeling when your hands and feet are clean and pretty at the same time? People have been satiating their thirst for such satisfaction since 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. What’s interesting is that we still want that kind of neatness today. As a result, manicure and pedicure continued to live on. … Read more

How Much Do Traffic Ticket Attorneys Cost?

Cost for hiring a traffic ticket lawyer

Have you heard of the joke about lawyers being one of the professions which do not have a chance in heaven? That’s right. Attorneys have that seemingly odd reputation that even them got so used to it, it has become a subject of silly jokes within their circle rather than being actually offended by it. … Read more

How Much Does A SkateBoard Cost?

Pricing of skateboard

It’s totally understandable for women get attracted to men on wheels. But on skateboards? A ride with several layers of plywood and no engine? What’s with the decks, the bling-blings, the inverted caps, and the hooded shirts that get everyone’s attention? Human nature must really love adventures, the death-defying stunts, and being suspended in mid-air. … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Letter?

Cost to mail a letter

Do you even remember the last time you went to a post office to buy a stamp and dropped your letter? We bet you can’t. You may even be guilty of not checking your mailbox regularly. Gone were the days when the most awaited moment of someone who has been away from their loved ones … Read more

How Much Does an American Girl Doll Cost?

Average american doll cost

For those who are in the lower spectrum of the Generation Y or the so-called millennials, owning an American Girl doll was more likely to be on top of their mind as they were about to blow the candles on their birthday cakes. Why specifically that group of millennials you ask? That’s because the American … Read more