How Much Does a Keg Cost

Keg of beer

How Much Does a Keg Cost? When you throw a party once in blue moon and you happen to invite a lot of your friends over, you naturally want it to go full blast. And what a better way to do it than not letting anyone go home sober? But sometimes, even during these very … Read more

How Much Does Piranha Cost

Cost of piranha

How Much Does Piranha Cost? Okay, let’s face it. Most of the depiction of Piranhas in Hollywood movies is purely exaggerated; like they could strike you even out of the water. Wait, what? Although we can all agree that they can be pretty vicious in water especially when hungry. But contrary to what you may … Read more

How Much Does Pineapple Cost

Cost of buying a pineapple

How Much Do Pineapples Cost? Pineapple is the second favorite tropical fruit by America, the first being the banana. History has it that pineapples used to be indigenous in South America but the Spanish and Portuguese explorers have introduced it to Asia, Africa, and South Pacific when they have colonized some of the countries during … Read more

Jordan Pond House Menu Prices

Menu price list

If you are from Maine or have been visiting there quite often, you might be familiar with the Jordan Pond, which is an oligotrophic lake located at the Acadia National Park near the town of Bar Harbor. It is said that 60% of the people who visit the park would also visit the pond at … Read more