How Much Do Nursing Schools Cost?

vector image of a nurse

As a kid, you are always asked what you wanted to be when you grow up. You may have said you wanted to be a doctor, a teacher, lawyer, an actor, a cashier, or a nurse. Growing up, it takes a certain kind of passion to actually determine and decide on the career path you … Read more

How Much Does Phlebotomy Training Cost?

doctor doing Phlebotomy

If you think you or anyone for that matter is being irrational for being scared of injections and any other types of needles in the medical field, you are wrong. In fact, there is a medical term for that. It’s trypanophobia. And it is quite common with about 10% of the human population suffering from this … Read more

Average Heavy Equipment Operator School Cost

Heavy vechicles operator training rate

Heavy equipment operator is a blue collar job which can literally be dirty and tedious but can be a lucrative career as well. And because a special skill is required for this type of job, along with safety concerns not only with the operator but with the people around and the properties as well, a … Read more

How Much Do Built In Bookshelves Cost?

Cost of a built in bookshelf

Built-in bookshelves is a practical addition to your home. They add character to your interior but they don’t take up much space, making them a perfect storage solution for your piles of books. Built-in bookshelves are effective space-savers because, as their name implies, they are built directly into the structure of your room. Usually, you’ll … Read more

How Much Does KinderCare Cost?

Kindercare tution fees

“If you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you do not understand it yourself”. We are often left dumbfounded by kids’ curiosity. And most of the time we have no explanations for them. But how much more if you have to explain things to much younger kids?  If you can say nothing but just … Read more