How Much Does Dollar Tree Franchise Cost?

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More people want to save money while still being able to spend on life’s necessities. The market’s answer, hence, is dollar stores. These shops offer a wide array of items: the everyday, necessary stuff. And the best news? The price of each is literally $1 (and less). The affordability that dollar stores offer helped this … Read more

How Much Does an Enterprise Car Rental Insurance Cost?

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Enterprise is one of the largest car rental companies in the US. Most travelers who’d like to travel the country by a private vehicle turn to such establishments. The choices are wide ranging as you can rent SUVs, trucks, vans, minivans, and even exotic cars! The price of an Enterprise car rental will depend on … Read more

How Much Does Dollar General Franchise Cost?

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Who doesn’t love a bargain? As consumers try to save money, companies make it easier for them by establishing dollar stores. One of such is the Dollar General. Dollar General is a popular American variety store that sells shop items at affordable prices. The brand has a strong presence in the US. In fact, it … Read more

How Much Does a Signage Cost?

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Advertising is a key marketing strategy to enhance the visibility of the product or service related to the business. There are many forms of advertisement such as televised commercials, flyers, signage, and door to door sales personnel. But the usage of signage is the most common because of its lifespan, durability, space for advertisement, reach … Read more

How Much Does a Small Business Insurance Cost?

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For some, having the chance to run their own business is equivalent to fulfilling their dreams, the chance to live and work doing what they love. They turn their passion and skills into a small business and offer either products or services to generate income. But, no matter how important and dedicated an individual may … Read more

How Much Does a Flood Insurance Cost?

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The Judeo-Christian narrative tells the story of God destroying humanity with a great flood. Although many people in the United States can appreciate the precautionary tale, there are still a lot of Americans literally experiencing it firsthand. According to The Pew Charitable Trust, flooding is the costliest and most common natural disasters in the country. … Read more

How Much Does a Car Insurance Cost?

Owning a car is a crucial part of the American lifestyle, so much that 95 percent of the homeowners in the country have at least one vehicle. Car ownership is (arguably) “the second most significant financial asset” for ordinary Americans, and nearly an equivalent of their real estate property. But what happens when a car … Read more

How Much Does a Professional Liability Insurance Cost?

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Are you an IT consultant, a mental health counselor, a career coach or a personal trainer? Are you in the field of real estate or salon? Or maybe you’re a travel agent, an architect, an engineer, or dentist?  Perhaps you’re an accountant, a veterinarian, or a business consultant? If your profession is any one of … Read more

How Much Does a Malpractice Insurance Cost?

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Doctors are humans too and are not immune to committing mistakes. But let’s face it, in the field of medicine, one mistake could cost a life. And with the high cost of healthcare, much is expected from our medical professionals. Statistics show that there are more than 250,000 deaths each year due to medical errors. … Read more

How Much Does a SR22 Insurance Cost?

The SR22 insurance is not a type of insurance at all but refers to a certificate that proves the financial liability of the driver. SR22 is important to assure that risky driver has the adequate liability especially in case of an accident. The average SR22 insurance cost depends on the factors such as the driver’s … Read more