How Much Does Car Painting Cost?

Cars may last forever, but paint may just last five years. You have perhaps begun noticing that there is a couple of wear showing within and outer of your car. Its color starts to fade and the building up of dirt, scratches, and nicks ages it.

Fortunately, you can constantly replace a new coat of paint on your car. Repainting your ride is the way to update the color or restore its new showroom look.

However, repainting any vehicle is an extensive procedure, which entails special skills and tools. Thus, it’s work best left to an expert.

cost to do paint job on a car

So, before you begin speaking to your local auto shops for estimated prices, it’s an excellent idea to ask yourself: How much does it cost to paint a car? It is a tricky question, but we will do our best to answer it in this piece.

Average of Car Paint Job

If you are mulling over of getting your car repainted, then you may perhaps be wondering about the average cost of car paint jobPrices differ significantly based on several factors including:

  • the amount of paint required
  • the quality and type of auto paint
  • the extent of current damage
  • the quality of the job
  • the size of the car
  • the state you reside in
  • the kinds of choices available to you

You must be acquainted with the different factors above that play parts to the cost of car painting. It will help you understand why the cost of a particular car paint project is distinct from another. Now let us check the different levels of services with their estimated prices. 

The Basic Paint Job:

The most reasonably priced paint job involves as few coats as possible, using synthetic enamel paint. It comprises of a surface cleaning of dirt and old paint, the masking of areas to prevent overspray and a heat-cured finish. Also, it may involve repairing light chips to hide the old paint job.

However, the painters are not likely to paint spots that are not noticeable, for instance, the inside of the hood. For a low-end work, you could assume to pay around $350 to $900 with a fair price of $566.

The Standard Paint Job:

The quality of auto-paint may be higher in a midrange job. The price of this paint job typically comprises of sanding the body and removing rust before painting to get a beautiful finish.

It may cost you as little as $1,000 to $5,500 with an average of $3,250. The cost may move towards the top of the range if a big car is being painted and if the work involves interior painting or recoloring of the part close to the engine.

The Showroom Quality Paint Job:

In showroom quality job, the auto shop often requires utilizing high-end paints that may cost hundreds of dollars for a single quart. The procedure might entail sanding the bodywork down to bare metal, getting rid of all of the dents and rust, and layering up to 24 coats of high-quality paint.

How much does it cost to paint a car for this level? Keep in mind that a high-end job comes with a high-end price: get ready to use up $6,000 to $8,000. In some cases, the costs could reach as high as $20,000.

The following tables are some o f the estimated car painting costs provided by several auto shops in America.

Table 1: Estimated Prices from Choice Auto Paint & Body

Paint Job PackagesChoice Plus UrethaneChoice Supreme UrethanePremium Choice UrethanePlatinum Choice Paint JobUltimate Choice Paint Job
InclusionsWith Machine Sand Two coats of paint Warranty: one yearWith Machine Sand three coats of paint integrated clear coat Warranty: two yearsWith Urethane Machine sand three coats of paint one top clear coats Warranty: three yearsWith Base coat or clear coat Wet sand three coats of paint two top Clear coats Warranty: five yearsWith Premium Base coat or clear coat Wet sand Basic remove or install three coats of paint three top clear coats Additional $300 for buff or wet sand Warranty: Lifetime

Table 2: Estimated Prices from Auto Painting Az

Paint Job PackagesEconomy PackageValue PackageSuper Gloss PackageSupreme Package
InclusionsSand for adhesion Acrylic Enamel – Level 1 Color white onlySand for adhesion Single Stage Urethane with integrated clear coat any colorClean Exterior and De-wax Machine Vacuum Sand Repair Scratches and Dings 2K Sealer 2K Polyurethane Base Coat Premium 2K Polyurethane Clear CoatClean Exterior and De-wax Machine Vacuum Sand Repair Scratches and Dings 2K Sealer 2K Polyurethane Base Coat Premium 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat Additional Clear Coat Polish Headlights Wet sand and buff service

Table 3: Estimated Prices from Earl Scheib Paint & Body

Paint Job PackagesSilver PackagePlatinum PackageDiamond Package
InclusionsTwo coats of high-quality acrylic polyurethane Any color One year warrantyThree coats high-quality Acrylic polyurethane paint Integrated clear coat Any color Three-year warrantyThree coats high-quality Acrylic polyurethane paint Integrated clear coat Base or clear coat Any color Protech protection plan UV protection 6-year warranty

Do It Yourself Car Painting

While having a car paint job done by an expert can be less dicey, it can cost you thousands of dollars. In these matters, you might want to try painting the auto by yourself. But it is essential to regard that you need to have had prior experience with car bodywork before deciding to paint a whole vehicle yourself.

The principal materials are broadly accessible from hardware and automotive stores. Your only other costs are your and effort. The required supplies and tools include according to Eastwood:

  • Paint :

-Enamel Auto paints: $100 to $250 per gallon

-Water Based coat paint: $40 to $150 per gallon

-Acrylic Lacquer Auto Paint $150 to $300 per gallon

-Urethane-Based Paints $100 to $200 per gallon

  • Clear coat paint: $100 to $250 per gallon
  • Paint gun and air compressor – $80 to $300 ( gravity-feed HVLP paint gun recommended) 
  • Moisture separator – $15 to $50
  • Painter coveralls – $5 to $90
  • Respirator and goggles – $15to $60
  • Nitrile gloves – $10 to $25
  • Air sander and sandpaper – $25 to $70
  • PRE Painting Prep – $10 to $40
  • Masking paper and tape – $20 and $60

So, the overall expenses you will possibly spend to paint your vehicle is around $400 to $1,300.  The only biggest concerns with a D-I-Y project is finding a spot to paint your vehicle. Several auto body shops have climate-controlled enclosures, intended to restrict the amount of dirt and dust that might come into contact and ruin the finish of the paint.

For a DIY car painting, the best choice is to repaint your vehicle in a well-ventilated and clean garage.

A blue car being painted


  • Everyone desires a cost-effective service. So, when reaching auto shops to obtain quotes for a car painting project, several individuals tempted to go for the lowest price offer. Remember, you get what you pay. Lowball prices might be for a low-quality car paint job that uses cheap materials.
  • The price may not cover certain services that you require, and the auto painters might charge an additional rate. So ask the workers what their costs include.
  • Check if preparing and sanding the bodywork is part of the price.
  • Check their previous work or examples to ensure the quality and satisfaction.
  • Ask the painter if you could provide some of the materials needed or paint to save more.

When deciding to get your ride repainted, always be sure to think how much does it cost to paint a car. And after knowing out the costs from a decent auto shop, consider your budget thoroughly.

If you seek to get the job done as cheaply as possible, the work may not be to a high standard. It might leave you annoyed with the outcome.

On the other hand, if you seek for the most expensive paint jobs, you might decide it’s better to trade it for a new model. So, it is always better to find an alternative and ask help from an expert.

Now, by looking at the sections here, you could work out the average price of car painting job, and working out what you demand.

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