How Much Does an Anytime Fitness Membership Cost?

Why do a lot of people dread going to the gym? One of the reasons could be that it feels intimidating. Yes, it can sometimes be at the beginning. Who wouldn’t it be when you have been a couch potato for some time, and you get into a gym and see those six-pack abs and toned muscles, and here you are, looking like a clone of Baymax.

Another thing could be that you do not want to go alone. Sure, doing it by yourself requires discipline as it could be boring doing a monotonous activity with no one to do it with to make it more exciting.

You could have a lot more reasons to avoid getting your butt in the gym. As long as it is not about being a badass lazy person, Anytime Fitness can change your views on keeping in shape in a gym environment. And there is a reason why it is the top fitness gym in the world.

Yes, we know that your next issue would be how much does Anytime Fitness cost? So enough of making excuses because we would be providing you with all the information you need.

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Average Cost of Anytime Fitness Membership

The Anytime Fitness membership fees range from $30 to $38.99 for the monthly fee of a single member, up to $659.99 for the annual dual fee of two adults which depends on which Anytime Fitness club you register.

The complete list of the average Anytime Fitness prices are the following:

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 What are Included?

When you sign up for Anytime Fitness club membership, you are in for a lot of benefits that include:

  • State of the art equipment

Anytime Fitness offers a wide array of state of the art gym equipment to suit your high standards. These include treadmills, free weights, fitness bikes and strength training. They give members a key fob that entitles them access to all their equipment in all their centers anywhere.

Treadmills – most Anytime Fitness gyms have around five to 10 treadmills which feature two of the most popular models, namely, 93Ti and 95Ti that have shock absorption system and with built-in 17-inch LCD television and heart rate monitoring.

Free Weights – dumbbells, including the preloaded ones, Olympic plates, and Olympic bars make up the free weight equipment at Anytime Fitness, with organized areas and adjustable benches that will make weight exercises hassle-free.

Fitness Bikes – they also have a variety of fitness bikes that range from the traditional ones to the interactive types that have video gaming screen features where you can steer your bike depending on the course of the video game and the resistance of the bike adjusts automatically according to the terrain flashing on the screen.

Strength Training – as some people prefer to do the strength training on the machines over the free weights, you can choose from cable machines, multi-stations, leg and bench presses and squat racks to do that.

  • Access to all of their clubs free of charge

When they say they that you can access Anytime Fitness club anywhere, they mean anywhere in the world. This way, you do not have to worry missing out your workout during official business trips abroad or if you are on a holiday vacation.

And you may think that since memberships differ at each club, you may be charged a fee to use their facilities. No, you won’t. They are absolutely free.

  • Reimbursement programs

Anytime Fitness also offers a reimbursement program wherein your employer, or health insurance can sponsor or subsidize fully or partially your fitness and health related activities in their club.

  • Free of charge personal orientation

Your membership automatically entitles you to a free personal orientation that includes a demonstration of the latest exercise programs and important reminders to have a safe and effective workout.

  • Cleanliness

Members are assured that the club and all its equipment are spotlessly clean as the Anytime Fitness adheres to strict and high standards of cleanliness. And this includes the restrooms and showers.

  • Friendly atmosphere

Feeling awkward or shy in the gym especially when you work out without a gym buddy? Don’t worry because Anytime Fitness provides a friendly atmosphere and full support to members.

  • Security

Anytime Fitness gives importance to the safety of their members by providing with round the clock security as well as providing a one-touch device that provides access to emergency care if necessary.

  • Online Tools and Community

Anytime Fitness took their being “in” to a whole new level by developing an application called The Anytime Fitness App that you can download for your iOS and Android devices. This app can keep track of your fitness progress as well as your diet and also allows members to interact with all the members through the community it built.

Additional Costs

Depending on where you registered, you may be required to pay a $50 activation fee upon registration.

Anytime Fitness lives up to their name by not only providing 24-hour access to their clubs worldwide but also extended their perks through their 24-hour tanning services in most of their clubs.

Members have the option to add unlimited tanning services to their membership dues or just pay-as-you-go depending on what club you are getting the services from.

Finding Anytime Fitness Centers

To join any of their clubs, visit their website to locate one near your area and to personally inquire exactly how much does Anytime Fitness cost.

Factors Affecting Anytime Fitness Membership

As mentioned, the Anytime Fitness membership fees depend on where the club is located as each gym has different rates depending on several factors like promotions and discounts that are not offered among any of their other clubs around the country.

Based on your choice, you can subscribe to a monthly or an annual membership that may also be a single or dual. It is advised to get the annual membership with a gym buddy like the case of couples to get more savings.

The amenities also play a significant role in the determination of the Anytime Fitness prices as you are more likely to spend more on clubs with a lot more services to offer than the basic gym equipment and programs.

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