How Much Do Alligator Tags Cost?

In states like Louisiana and Florida, hunting for alligators is not just a recreation. Rather, the activity is more like a job.

Why? Hunters, for one, are only allowed by the local government to look for alligators partly to control the reptiles’ population. After all, too many gators will pose risks to residents and the environment. That said, a hunter is only allowed by the state to harvest during the hunting season.

Also, hunters can only hunt after they pay the required fees for permits and licenses.

Speaking of paying, how much is the cost of alligator tags?

Average Alligator Tags Price

The average cost of alligator tags runs around $25 to $1,000. Note that the said prices are applicable for the entire hunting season, which typically lasts for 4 months.

What exactly is the use of an alligator tag? Basically, it is a proof of sorts that you’re legally hunting gators. Before you obtain one, you will need to apply for permits and licenses subject to the state’s approval. The regulatory department will also require you to provide information such as:

  • Your name
  • Your application
  • Your proof of property ownership (if you’ll be hunting on private land)
  • A map
  • The landowner’s signature

Take note that requirements will vary per state. Some of the locations where you can obtain hunting licenses include Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas.

To give you an idea on the prices, we will take a look at regulations set by some of the above states.

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Alligator Hunting In Florida

Florida requires hunters to obtain a limited entry permit for their Statewide Alligator Harvest Program. Some of the application fees include:

  • Permit and alligator trapping license for Florida residents: $272
  • Permit and alligator trapping license for non-residents: $1,022
  • Permit and alligator trapping license for resident disability hunt/fish license holders: $22
  • Permit for 2 CITES tags (for those who already have a license): $62

Each permit includes 2 CITES tags and will allow you to harvest 2 alligators. You can also find important information on your permit including:

  • Harvest areas
  • Hunt dates
  • Boundaries or limitations of the harvest

You can apply for a permit if you’re 18 years old and above before the start of the hunting season.

Alligator Hunting In Louisiana

Louisiana charges its residents $25 for an Alligator Hunting License. The state doesn’t charge any cost for alligator tags.

Residents without a license can also hunt as an alligator sports hunter. The license for sports hunting also costs $25.

The case is different if you are a non-resident. The state will only allow you to hunt as a sports hunter. That means you will only obtain an Alligator Sports Hunter License costing $150. Furthermore, you will have to be accompanied by a guide.

Note that your guide should be someone who possesses alligator tags.

If you are a lottery alligator hunter, the state may require you to pay a set alligator tags price. You will pay the said fee in place of the payment for the value of harvested gators.

Applicants are required by the state to submit the following:

  • Hunter license application form
  • Proof of property ownership
  • A map of the property
  • A landowner’s signature which indicates permission for the hunter to harvest alligators in his/her property
  • A legal alligator hunting lease (if applicable)

Alligator Hunting In Georgia

You should possess a regular hunting license if you want to harvest alligators in Georgia. Additionally, you will need to obtain a valid Alligator Hunting License. The costs are:

  • Resident license: $50
  • Non-resident license: $200

The state also requires a WMA license if you’re hunting on WMA. The requirements apply to all hunters except to Disability, Honorary, and Lifetime license holders.

Georgia requires hunters to be at least 12 years of age. Note that 12 to 15 year-olds do not need a regular or alligator hunting license. But, they should present a valid permit or be accompanied by a permit holder before they can hunt.

Alligator Hunting In Texas

Texas requires any hunter, regardless of age, to first obtain a hunting license. The following costs apply:

  • Youth hunting license: $7
  • Resident license: $25
  • Senior resident hunting license: $7
  • Resident trapper’s license: $19
  • Non-resident general hunting license: $315
  • Non-resident special hunting license: $132
  • Non-resident 5-day special hunting license: $48

As for the cost of alligator tags, you should pay a $21-hide tag fee along with your submission of an Alligator Hide Tag Report.

Cost of Alligator Hunting Equipment

It’s essential to know the license fees and alligator tags price. After all, you can’t hunt if you won’t pay them. Aside from these charges, though, are there other expenses?

Well, you’ll also have to invest in hunting equipment. The costs will depend on the store. To give you an idea, here are some prices from

  • Alligator bait (lungs): $20
  • Wooden peg with 18” stainless cable leader and swivel: $4
  • Wooden pegs (4 per pack): $12
  • Aluminum floating bangstick (5 ft.): $105
  • Bangstick mounted on 5 ft. power coated aluminum pole: $145
  • Floating bangstick on 6 ft. all-aluminum powder coated pole: $195
  • 12/0 snatch hook: $2.50
  • 10/0 heavy duty snatch hook: $8.50
  • 16/0 Mustad hook: $15
  • Aluminum billet base and driver: $35
  • Complete starter package: $80
  • Grade 5 heavy duty driver: $6.50
  • Muzzy Gator Getter point: $13.50
  • Small headlight: $22.50
  • Snares: $15 to $20
  • CFTH stainless point (with cable installed): $25
  • Muzzy point with short cable for bow/crossbow: $17.50

Note that the above prices are only samples. They only aim to give you an idea of how much you’ll pay for a full hunting gear.

Salary From Hunting

Owl Guru states that the annual salary of hunters and trappers is $29,970. The hourly wage, on the other hand, is $14.41 per hour.

If you’re a newbie, expect the average to go as low as around $18,800. If you’re an experienced hunter, the total may run as high as $46,900.

Note that you’ll only get to catch alligators during the hunting season. So, if you’re a professional hunter, you will need to make do with other animals and birds if it’s not yet time.

Aside from that, you will not be able to hunt as much as you want. There are limits in how many alligators you’re allowed to kill.

Well, if it can help society, you may hunt an alligator or two. Just don’t break any rules!

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