Cost of 9rounds membership

How Much Does 9 Round Membership Cost?

If you have run out of reasons to avoid hauling your fat ass into a gym, from being intimidated, too expensive, too far, to being too lazy, you would think being too busy could be your saving grace. But don’t get too excited because even that can be remedied.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. That is what 9Round is trying to prove. It’s not about having time. It’s about giving time.

9Round is a fast-growing gym chain in the United States that offers specialized fitness workout for the busy bees who only have a very few available time in a day. It is said to be for those who want a fun and unique workout that are guaranteed to produce guaranteed results but only got 30 minutes to spare. This gym’s main offering is the kickboxing-themed fitness programs that include cardiovascular, interval, functional, as well as circuit training regimens.

It got its name from the programs of a proprietary system of nine challenging workout stations developed by a World Champion Kickboxer.

Average Cost of 9Round Membership

The average 9Round membership cost ranges from $59 to $79 per month for a single membership and $108 to $148 for dual memberships, depending on the membership type which could be monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

The initiation fee can range from $0 to $50 for the single membership and $0 to $100 for the dual membership, regardless of the membership type.

Below is the complete list of 9Round prices for your reference:


  • Single (One Club Access)
    • Initiation Fee $50.00
    • Monthly Fee $79.00
    • Cancellation Fee $0.00
  • Dual (Two Adults)
    • Initiation Fee $100.00
    • Monthly Fee $148.00
    • Cancellation Fee $0.00


  • 6-Month (One Club Access)
    • Initiation Fee $50.00
    • Monthly Fee $69.00
    • Cancellation Fee $0.00
  • 6-Month Dual (Two Adults)
    • Initiation Fee $100.00
    • Monthly Fee $128.00
    • Cancellation Fee $0.00


  • 12-Month (One Club Access)
    • Initiation Fee $50.00
    • Monthly Fee $59.00
    • Cancellation Fee $0.00
  • 12-Month Dual (Two Adults)
    • Initiation Fee $100.00
    • Monthly Fee $108.00
    • Cancellation Fee $0.00

What are Included

The main attraction of the 9Round is having each member to workout anytime they want as there are no class times.

The 9Round membership cost not only gives you the access to the facility, they would also provide you some gears that would protect you from injuries while doing the training or workout. These include the hand wraps which provide support and protection to the wrists and gloves for protection of the hands and knuckles to be able to hit as hard as possible.

Also, expect their trainers to guide you from as simple as wearing the hand wraps and the gloves properly to the proper routines while working out.  They would also tailor fit each training to your fitness level. As to keep up with its name, you get to move to each of the nine exercise stations to complete the training which ends on your 30th minute.

In addition to these, you can use the heart rate monitoring as well found at the 9Rounds gym branches. This ensures that you get to stay within your fat burning zone. As members, you also get access to a Nutrition Guide written by Dr. Rick Kattouf which consists of principles of fat burning and lean muscle building.

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Additional Costs

Although there are no enrollment fees mentioned in the price list, some reported paying around $69 additional fees upon registration.

Also, despite claiming that they give out gloves during training, a member suggests that you bring your own.

How It Works

Stations 1 and 2 are comprised of equipment used to build on muscular strength and stamina that includes dumbbells, kettle bells, jump ropes, medicine balls, etc.

Stations 3 to 8 are where they will hit a variety of bags to increase power, improve alertness and the hand-eye coordination, speed and conditioning; while station 9 is for the strengthening of the core muscles.

Members would be spending around 3 minutes each station while they are given instructions and demonstrations by the trainer of what to perform in those 3 minutes. Plus there is a 30-second active rest after each routine prior to proceeding to the next station. So they are expected to finish their workout at approximately 30 minutes.

Shopping for 9Round Membership

The 9Round was listed by Forbes in 2015 as one of the most promising companies in the world with its growing number of branches across the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. With more 270 locations worldwide, you can always find one near to you.

To locate one, just check out by entering the zip or postal code or location.

Factors Affecting 9Round Membership

The 9Round membership cost depends on where the facility is located as each gym has different rates depending on several factors like the different franchise owner, promotions, and discounts that may not be offered among any of their other branches around the country, among others

Depending on your preference, you can subscribe to their monthly, semi-annually, or annual membership that can be a single membership or for a pair or dual membership. It is advised to get the annual membership with a loved one or a friend to get more savings.

The amenities or equipment can also play a part in the determination of the 9Round prices as you are more likely to spend more on branches with a lot more services to offer than the basic gym equipment and programs, as these branches and franchises are run independently by the franchise owners.

Additional Information

As a matter of concern to prospective customers, those interested to try working out at any 9Round gym are given the chance to work out for free on their first day. This is sort giving the opportunity for them to test the waters if the workouts and training, as well as the overall feel of the facility, are acceptable or enjoyable to them.

Most of the branches are open at 6 AM and some closes down after lunch. They would re-open after around 2 hours. Most of them are also open during weekends for members whose only free time is only when it’s a rest day.

Unlike other gyms, 9Round tend to be small and but have a bathroom and a dressing room but they have no showers. In fact, it is not really a full-service gym. What the members are after is the convenience of having a place to have a quick training that can be inserted in their very tight schedules. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

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